Adelantean Sea

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The Adelantean Sea is located between the southern continent of Idiri and the northern continent of Ruvera. It opens up onto the Great Stormy Sea on the west, and in the the east is joined by the Gulf of Adwa to the Sea of Sala'ah.

At the center of the Adelantean lies the Eye of God, an immense whirlpool marking the spot at which Mount Elemnis erupted and sank into the sea, taking the entire island homeland of the Yehani with it. Once a placid and balmy sea, the Adelantean has since that time become far more treacherous to navigate, as once-friendly currents and weather patterns were disrupted, and new shoals and reefs appeared. However, it is still the primary route of travel and trade among the many lands that lie along its coast, although most ships stick close to the shore and none dare venture through the heart of the sea.