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Welcome to Song of Avaria's Alpha Phase!

Initial Storyline

You are on a ship, along with a cast of NPCs and other player characters as well. The ship has recently left the city of Omrazir in Raziya, a province of the great Sirdabi Caliphate. It is now westward bound for the restless port city of Al-Sabiyyah, just across the Great Hazari Desert from the dazzling emporium of Noura where the Augur of Endings, with his special brand of ominous charisma, claims that he is a new prophet of The One God, and the last days are near...

Disclaimer Note: Most people don't really care about the Augur of Endings! It's just one guy, in one city, in a vast world. He is not the focus of the game. It's just a lore tidbit to orient you. However dramatic it may sound, YOU are the focus of the game!

But why are you on the ship? Are you...

  • a poor lost stowaway, unsure of where you're going?
  • a partying merchant heiress, accidentally on the wrong ship?
  • a skilled diplomat, sent by the Caliph to negotiate an end to the Augur's movement?
  • a trader and crafter, seeking to capitalize on the conflict or help people caught up in it?
  • a curious spy? An assassin? A rebel joining up with the Augur's forces?
  • just a sailor, and it's your job to work on the ship between ports?
  • someone else entirely?!

WHAT ARE YOU!? That will be your choice.

How Do I Sign Up?

First, check the rules and make sure you'll be able to follow them.

Click the Register button at the top of the website . From there, you can make a new character. If you have trouble with this, read the QuickStart for more information. For a work-in-progress walkthrough of the character creation process, check out the Character Generation Guide.

From there, go wild with your ideas! Don't worry, we'll help you refine anything that needs thematic tweaks after character creation. If you have a cool idea for a special plot hook or item you want to bring to the table, we can help with that too.

As soon as you've completed character generation, you can enter the game with your new character, either through the webclient on the site, or with telnet at, port 4000.

Starting Out

When you enter the game, you'll be in the Faded Zone. It'll be as if your character is just having a strange dream, soon to be forgotten. It's all right to be a little weird and OOC here. We'll make sure your character is all set to join the story, and then approve your character application, and after that you'll be able to enter the world through the vortex.

On the other side of the vortex, your character will be on the ship -- waking up from a dream, and it will be time to be as perfectly in-character as you are able. So if you wanted to OOCly test random commands and abilities without any in-character consequences, it's best to do that in the Faded Zone before passing through into the "real" world!