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Banking establishments can be found in all major towns or cities in Avaria. Banks allow you to securely store any amount of coin, and having your own bank account offers access to a number of useful services. For instance, you will need a bank account in order to pay rent on an inn or apartment room, or to receive payment from most jobs obtained from NPCs. Having an account will also allow you to take out banknotes which you can use to pay out any amount supported by your current bank balance. Besides these conveniences, it can be extremely useful to store your coins in a bank rather than risk the loss of them. It's not wise to carry around a great deal of money in the seedier parts of the world!

Opening a Bank Account

You can easily set up an account by visiting any local bank. If you don't know where the bank is but you are in a public area in town, you can ASK for DIRECTIONS to the nearest one: ASK DIRECTIONS BANK. Once you are in the bank, you will typically see a teller who will help you handle all your banking needs. To open your account, all you have to do is make a first deposit there in any amount: DEPOSIT <AMOUNT>.

Using Banking Services

Whenever you are in a bank and wish to check your balance, you can simply use the command BANK and the teller will inform you of the present state of your account. You can deposit more coins into your account any time you are at the bank. To get them back out again, you can WITHDRAW the amount of your choice: WITHDRAW <AMOUNT>. Naturally you cannot withdraw a greater amount than you currently have deposited at this bank. Your deposits are also only accessible from the bank at which you deposited them -- you can't deposit coins at one bank and then withdraw them from another.

Another way to access your funds is by picking up a banknote: REQUEST BANKNOTE. You will then find yourself with a blank banknote, upon which you can write the amount of your choice: BANKNOTE WRITE <AMOUNT>. Once you have the note in your possession, you can write it out and use it wherever you go. Picking up a blank banknote does require a small fee, automatically debited from your account. If you receive a banknote written out by someone else, you can take it to the bank and deposit it in your account: BANKNOTE DEPOSIT. You will then find that amount of money added to your account.

Note: Unlike straight withdrawals, it is in fact possible to write out a banknote for a greater amount than you currently have in your account. However, if the payee then deposits the note while your own account still has insufficient funds to pay out, you may well find yourself on the wrong side of the law!

Banking Commands

  • BANK

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