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While Song of Avaria has a very large number of commands, these are just a few that you should find helpful to get started in the world. You can find more information on each individual command by navigating to its page on the wiki.

Command Function Syntax
LOOK (l) Look at your current room, room objects, items, players, and more. look <item/room object/person>
SAY (') (") Speak to people in your room. say <message>, say to <person> <message>
EMOTE (:) Write custom actions for your character. emote <action>
WHISPER Whisper ICly to another person in the room. whisper <person> <message>
OOCWHISPER Whisper OOCly to another person in the room. A good way to ask for help from other players around you. oocwhisper <person> <message>
GAMEHELP Ask for help and basic information over the global help channel. Both staff and other players can assist you here! gamehelp <message>
POSE Set a static pose for your character, which appears after your character's name or sdesc when people look at the room. pose <static pose>, e.g., "pose is loitering near the lomombi trees whistling quietly"
WHO See who is in the game and where they are. who
SCORE See information about your character, such as stats and personal details. score, info, stats
SKILLS Show the skills your character has, or all skills with "skills all" skills, skills all
HELP Access in-game help documentation for individual commands, general systems, and a variety of game concepts. help <topic>, e.g., help say, help interact, help combat

For more help

  • Navigating: For help getting around in the game.
  • Keywords: Learn how to target objects with commands.
  • Using Commands: Overview of useful functionalities of some essential commands, including EMOTE.
  • Social Commands: Verbs to add some simple flavor to your RP.