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The CARRY command allows you to carry particularly heavy items using both hands. It can also be used to attempt to carry other people! There are a number of different styles for carrying people, which include LIFT, CRADLE, SWEEP, SWOOP, and HAUL. All of these function the same and will result in your carrying the person in both arms. The one exception is HAUL, which will allow you to carry the person using just one arm if your strength is high enough relative to the person's weight.


  • CARRY <item>
  • CARRY <person>

You pick up <person> and carry <them> in your arms.

  • LIFT <person>

You lift up <person> in both arms.

  • CRADLE <person>

You pick up <person>, gently cradling <them> in your arms.

  • SWEEP <person>

You sweep <person> up into your arms!

  • SWOOP <person>

You swoop <person> up into your arms with a romantic flourish!

  • HAUL <person>

You haul <person> up, slinging <them> over one shoulder.
You struggle to haul <person> up over your shoulder, but have to settle for carrying them in both arms instead.


  • CARRY will always occupy both of your character's hands, no matter the size of the object.
  • Picking up a person, regardless of the command used, will incur a 30-second roundtime for the person doing the picking up.
  • If the person being picked up doesn't want to be carried, they can STRUGGLE in an attempt to get free. If they succeed, they will fall to the ground and be prone.
  • To put a person back down, you can either PUT DOWN that person or DROP them. If you DROP them, they will wind up sprawled prone at your feet.

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