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Just like people in real life, characters in Avaria are complex individuals with a variety of different personal traits, abilities, and backgrounds. There are numerous ways that each character may be customized, some of which provide mechanical effects in the game world, others more cosmetic.

Basic Statistics

  • Statistics - The fundamental physical and mental attributes of a character.
  • Skills - The many different skills that a character may have ability in.
  • Experience - The number of experience points a character has earned.
  • Presence - A measure of the character's renown in the world.


  • Heritage - The general ethnic group to which a character belongs.
  • Origin - A character's land of origin.
  • Language - The language(s) in which a character is capable of communicating.
  • Public Background - What anyone might know about a character without knowing them well.
  • Reputation - How a character has come to be known to others.

Personal Details

  • Vital statistics - Gender, age, skin color, height and weight, and more.
  • Description - A full description of a character's appearance and demeanor.
  • Voice type and voice description - How your character sounds to others.
  • Personal scent - A unique smell that defines a character.
  • Markings - Scars, tattoos, and other physical markers.
  • Handwriting - The appearance of a character's typical mode of writing.
  • Travel mode - A character's habitual way of moving through the world.
  • Default pose - A character's habitual posture at rest.


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