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There are several races that dwell upon the vast surface of Avaria, from the scorching deserts of Idiri to the icy tundra lands of the far north. By far the most numerous and common are humans, distinguished by their diverse cultures and heritages, but they share the world with a number of other peoples.

Humans - The dominant race of Avaria, who inhabit the world in a dazzling constellation of cultures.

Angrosh - A tusked and rugged race of imposing stature, whose fierce and enduring nature serves them well in the wilder places of the world.

Dwarves - An ancient race of short and stocky humanoids, pragmatic in outlook but seemingly withdrawn from the affairs of the world.

Flower Folk - A diminutive but scrappy race of humanoids dwelling in spire-studded cities amidst the sunken ruin of their homeland.

Hanjama - A simian people inhabiting south Idiri and the island realms of the eastern oceans, renowned for their wisdom and their itinerant sages.

Jinn - An enigmatic race of the desert wastes, beings of fire and air who are unpredictable and often feared.


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