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The Cateni are the dominant people of south-central Ruvera and the archduchy of Cadenza, and besides living within independent states of their own can be found intermingled and allied with the Kalentoi Empire.

Cateni highly value the arts and sciences, and their lands boast several universities of renown. Overall they tend to appreciate hierarchy and to view people as belonging naturally to certain classes and ranks, though their governing systems run the gamut from the divine monarchy of Merouen to the oligarchic republics of Volusia. Cateni are often described as emotional and excitable, easily moved to raptures of joy and transports of fury.


Cateni are a people of moderate height and build, who despite common roots show marked differences across their range. They tend to be fairer in the north and west, with light to tanned skin and brown to sandy blonde hair. Moving to the south and east normal skin tones shift more towards olive and even dusky, with the prevalence of darker hair and eyes increasing as one approaches Cadenza.