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Your full character description appears on your character sheet, and is also the description other people see when they LOOK at you. It is set in character generation, and should include all the character's most important physical traits -- eye color, hair color, general build and height, etc. -- along with any other visible details that define the character. The character description should reflect what is typically apparent about your character, so any scars, tattoos, or similar features that would ordinarily be covered by clothing or difficult to see should be written as a marking instead.

While in chargen you have various options for crafting your full description. You can choose different physical features using the drop-down menus, which will offer a selection of traits based on what is typical for your heritage. These selections are then inserted into a template to compile a basic description. You can use this description as-is, or you can tweak it to taste to create a more customized description. Alternately, you can fully write your description yourself, and only use the menu selections as a rough guide for inspiration. Any of these choices will allow you to create an acceptable description for your character.

As a side note, please keep in mind that it is not realistic for every person in Avaria to be outrageously gorgeous and perfect in every way, and that a few flaws or physical quirks will go a long ways towards the creation of a more real and unique character. You should also generally try to avoid using subjective adjectives like "attractive" or "captivating" -- not everyone is going to perceive attractiveness the same way!


Halfah Mistbane (fully custom description)

This brisk-looking woman is no longer young but holds her rangy frame with a confidence backed by her years. Of moderate height, she might have been willowy in her youth but now posesses a raw-boned leanness, wiry muscles stretched over limbs thin enough to make her elbows and knees look prominent by comparison. Steel grey hair frames an angular face, creased and weathered but radiating the energy and resolve of a much younger woman. Set narrowly above a delicately aquiline nose, her sharp shell-pink eyes seem to miss nothing while holding an expression of distance, as if seeing the world through some fathomless depth of hard-earned knowledge and experience.

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