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Sirdabi Currency

This currency is valid throughout the Sirdabi Caliphate, as well as some parts of sub-Hazaran Idiri. It is minted chiefly in the capital city of Sirdab and the north Idiri city of Omrazir.

Fals (Folly)

Metal: Copper
Value: 1/100 dirham
Obverse: The great stele of Omrazir within a border of interlocking waves.
Reverse: Calligraphic script in the Sirdabi language, reading "the word of God is a pillar everlasting".
Notes: The fals is generally called a "folly" for its representation of the stele of Omrazir, known as Zohram's Folly. The folly is a coin shared in common between the Sirdabi Caliphate and much of Idiri. For this reason it is said to be "the prince's folly, but the pilgrim's friend".


Metal: Silver
Value: 100 fals, 1/100 nour
Obverse: The personal monogram of the caliph, Imran Shadaad al-Hanif.
Reverse: Inside a quinpartite wheel, the names of the Prophet's five Companions


Metal: Gold
Value: 1000 fals, 100 dirhams
Obverse: A field of dunes illuminated by a shaft of light from the heavens.
Reverse: Within a border of Sirdabi staff notes, the inscription "in the Song of God is the light of the world".

Ensorian Currency

This currency is used throughout the Ruveran kingdom of Ensor. It is minted chiefly in the capital of Imbryck, with a smaller mint located in the Couranti city of Wessey.

Wayfarer (Wafer)

Metal: Copper
Value: 1/100 dusky, 1/1000 albie
Obverse: St. Loomis standing in a boat.
Reverse: A vertical line wrapped in flame, representing Kalen's pyre.
Notes: The coin is named for St. Loomis the wayfarer, but is generally shortened to "wafer". The coin is often cut in half to produce two halfpennies, in turn known as "hafers".

Groat (Dusky)

Metal: Silver
Value: 100 wafers, 1/100 albie
Obverse: The portrait of King Loren with encircling legend: "Semper vigilans".
Reverse: A compass rose with the sigils of each of the main regions of Ensor in the four quarters and Southsward at the center, with the encircling legend: "Ad usque quaerens veritatis".
Note: Silver groats are generally known as "duskies", so called from the corruption of "ad usque" and the look of tarnished silver.

Albatross (Albie)

Metal: Gold
Value: 1000 wafers, 100 duskies
Obverse: King Loren receiving a compass from St. Loomis.
Reverse: An albatross in flight wreathed in clouds.