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Given that existence itself is often referred to in Avaria as the Dream, it should come as no surprise that dreams are an important part of the life of even ordinary people. While a given dream may not really have some deeper meaning, who's to say for sure?

As your character you too may see dreams while asleep. They may be important, or not so important, but either way they can add meaning to your own personal story and you can connect any of your received dreams to story arcs.

Receiving Dreams

Sometimes story runners will send dreams to characters. All you have to do in order to receive any dreams you have been sent is to have your character SLEEP on-screen. You may also receive dreams in your plot notes while you are offline, as long as you have set that your character has been sleeping in your lifestyle habits. Sleeping properly is the default, so you will get your dreams next time you log in.

Creating Your Own Dreams

Perhaps you have a personal story you'd like to explore, with a dream that is not related to a global plotline. You can use the DREAMS command while your character is asleep to write up a dream of your own imagining and make it happen, and then connect the dream to your story arcs. This is a great way to earn experience and develop a rich inner life.


NEW DREAM <dream content>


  • You need to be asleep for about five minutes to receive a new dream.
  • You can only write yourself a new dream once per day. If it's a long dream and you need multiple paragraphs, use a vertical dash and a forward dash, like |/, to make a new line.

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