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The Elukoi are founding people of the Kalentoi Empire, who still form the core of that realm's populace. With origins in the rugged island and coastal country of the transitional zone between Ruvera and Ruleska, the Elukoi have always spanned the gap between East and West and partaken of the cultures of both.

The Elukoi have a deep philosophical and artistic tradition with roots that stretch well back into pagan times, and are a profoundly spiritual people -- if often dogmatic and disputatious in their spirituality. Viewing the cosmos as hierarchical, fixed, and orderly, they model their own society accordingly. They value social order and hierarchy and discourage destabilizing innovation, but also have an ethic of compassion and care for all who belong to the Kalentoi Church. The Elukoi are in fact often referred to indiscriminately as Kalentoi, being viewed as nearly inseparable from their faith which has come to dominate Ruvera and western Ruleska.

Kalentoi are often stereotyped as aloof, deceptive, subtle and decadent.


From mingling with other populations throughout the Empire, the Elukoi have come to share the physical characteristics of many different peoples, from the dusky Cateni to the fair Ravenni and Rusalvi. People of relatively pure Elukoi heritage, however, tend to be fair to olive-skinned, usually with dark hair and large pale eyes in a variety of colors.