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Frequently-Asked Questions

  • How do I connect to the game?
    • Right now SoA is not open to account and character creation, as we're still in pre-alpha development. However, eventually you will be able to play right in your browser by clicking the Play Online button on the website, or via a MU* client of your choice by connecting to www.songofavaria.com via port 4000.
  • How many characters can I have?
    • Players will be allowed a total of four active characters on their account, with ONE account allowed per player. It is however possible to request that a character be deactivated, which renders that character saved but unplayable until a reactivation request is submitted. Deactivated characters will be maintained in the database for a period of time, but can eventually be deleted if they have been inactive for a long time. We want people to have a chance to explore multiple different character concepts, while avoiding a perpetual revolving door of low-investment characters.
  • Can I play more than one character at the same time?
    • No, you can only be logged in on one character at a time. Opening multiple accounts to be able to have more active characters or to play multiple characters simultaneously is against the rules and may result in banning, so please don't do it! People should be fully focused on playing one character a a time, both for immersion and as a courtesy to the people they're playing with.
  • Is character death permanent in Avaria?
    • Yes, death is generally permanent here -- characters will not be suffering daily death and be continually resurrected from it as a matter of course, and ICly people in Avaria view death as The End, or at least the beginning of an entirely different non-mortal existence. However, permadeath is also largely consensual -- most characters are not likely to die forever if their player doesn't want them to. This is not to say that there is no risk, but if a character is pursuing a particularly perilous course as part of a personal or staff-run storyline, staff is likely to give ample warning that that character's actions may lead to permadeath. Injury can also be a serious thing in Avaria, so keep in mind that it is possible to permanently harm your character in ways short of death.
  • Is there a Discord server?
    • No, we would prefer that you use the website's forums to foster OOC community.
  • How do you win this game?
    • By developing interesting stories with others, everyone wins!
  • When am I going to be able to play this game anyway?!
    • Currently the plan is to open for our alpha phase in January 2024. Although it is open to anyone, you might consider this an early-access alpha -- you aren't going to see a totally smooth and fully player-oriented game yet. On the other hand, you'll have a chance to help with the development of the game, and everything that happens to your character during alpha will be "real" and won't be lost when we move into beta. There will also be a running storyline to engage with that will have real and lasting impacts on the game world. So if you're interested please keep checking back, or e-mail us to request that a notification be sent to you when we have an opening date set. We will be excited to have you join our world!