FTB (Fade to Black) command

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Sometimes you may want a roleplay scene to "Fade to Black" for whatever reason.

Some possible reasons might be:
1. The scene contains characters being sexually intimate.
2. You need to quit, but your character wouldn't just leave, and only one other person is involved in the roleplay.
3. The content of the story is uncomfortable to you and you don't want to write it out.

If you want to fade to black, please use the FTB command. This will open some dialogue with guiding questions and a short back-and-forth that will allow you to summarize IC events with the player behind the other character. When you're finished, it will send this neat summary to your log.

Basic Usage

FTB <character>
FTB SUMMARY <write an emote>
FTB PREGNANCY < yes | no >
FTB WOUNDS <integer of damage, 500-2000> OF < blunt | cutting > ON <body part>

After fading a scene to black, you can continue roleplaying about something else or you can quit.

FTB Outcomes

For a FTB, you can add possible mechanical outcomes to the situation, such as wounds or potential pregnancy.

The person instigating the FTB can put down initial values for these outcomes, but the person accepting it will get to modify those values. There are, however, some coded limits to those modifications. For instance, if "pregnancy" is an impossibility from the instigating side, you cannot make it a possibility. Also, you cannot add wounds that were not originally stipulated, you can only nullify them.

Outcomes Usage

FTB NULLIFY < pregnancy | wounds >
FTB ACCEPT <write an emote>