Faded Zone

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The Faded Zone is the game's starter area, where new characters begin after character generation. It contains a handful of different rooms and NPCs, most of whom are associated with short tutorial quests. It also has a gate leading to a variety of small dream realms where players may try out the hunting and combat systems.

Although the zone exists to help orient new players to the game, its lore places it within the Otherland as a realm where new and dreaming souls meet with echoes of the once-living. It is a land full of visions of the past, present, and future drawn from the length and breadth of Avaria, and perhaps even beyond.

Points of Interest

The Faded Zone includes a number of places where characters can pursue quest goals, hang out and socialize, find temporary lodging, and learn more about Avaria, among other activities.

  • Dusty Cantina: Located just north of Wormhole Canyon, this cantina offers a spot to meet new people while sampling a menu of vaguely delicious food and drinks.
  • Library of Lost Lore: Whether in the form of book, scroll, or artifact, snippets of lore from around the world of Avaria can be found on the shelves of this peculiar library.
  • Dilapidated Caravanserai: This charmingly (?) decrepit establishment offers lodging to weary souls in need of rest.