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At some point during your time in Avaria you are bound to incur some kind of injury or illness, whether it's something as minor as a few bruises or as serious as a life-threatening poisoning. This is when you are going to want to engage with the healing system, which includes a wide variety of abilities and commands that allow people to roleplay out and treat a variety of bodily afflictions.

Sustaining an Injury or Illness

Although you shouldn't expect to receive major or life-threatening injuries simply as a matter of course unless your character has a particularly risky or combative lifestyle, you can expect that at some point some misfortune may befall you resulting in bodily harm. This could be nothing more than minor cuts and bruises, a simple bone fracture, or a mild case of poisoning from eating the wrong thing -- the sorts of things that could happen in any perfectly ordinary life. Or you could suffer significant wounds, lost limbs, major burns, or still worse things. Depending on how dangerously you live, or how many enemies you have, or simply how unlucky you are, there are a number of injurious incidents that might befall you. Some of these might include:

  • getting wounded in swordplay or battle
  • getting hurt during a match in a brawling ring
  • falling while attempting a climb
  • jumping off a cliff or wall
  • getting injured by your quarry while hunting
  • being pushed into a fire
  • eating a poisonous plant while foraging
  • getting struck by lightning

And these are just a few of the things that could happen in the course of your eventful Avarian existence.


If you have no first aid skill and you have sustained a very serious injury or affliction, mostly what you need to know is that you need to find a healer, preferably the sooner the better. Then it is up to the healer to know what do in order to treat you. If you yourself have a decent amount of first aid skill, you will have extra abilities available to you for treating others or yourself. However, some injuries are too severe or too difficult to treat on yourself, so you will need to find someone else with sufficient skill to aid you.

Afflictions & Healing as a Story Device

Roleplay Considerations

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