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The HEALTH command shows you the status of various vital signs as well as your position in the room, whether you are armed or in combat, and if you have any wounds. An alias for HEALTH is COMBAT.



  ------------------- COMBAT SITUATION ---------------------- 
 You are empty-handed, standing beside the general area.
 You are not involved currently in any physical altercation.
 Pulse:       normal     |++++++++++++--------|   (safe)
 Blood:       normal     |++++++++++++++++++++|   (safe)
 Breath:      fine       |++++++++++++++++++++|   (safe)
 Willpower:   good       |++++++++++++++++++++|   (safe)
 Poise:       perfect    |++++++++++++++++++++|   (safe)
 Fatigue:     fresh      |--------------------|   (fine)
 Trauma:      top shape  |--------------------|   (fine)
 You are: conscious.
 You have no wounds.


The various vital signs are explained as follows:

  • Breath: Every five minutes, or when moving, breathing will be checked. If a combatant is being choked or a person is drowning, they will lose breath at a rather quick rate. Being completely out of breath will cause death by asphyxiation, and it is quite possible that you will pass out before then.
  • Pulse: Pulse has an effect on a character's speed, as a quicker pulse can give an adrenaline boost. Making moves in a fight tends to quicken a combatant's pulse, while relaxing will cause it to slow. However, a pulse that is too quick could lead to tachycardic complications. A faster pulse will cause more bleeding from open wounds.
  • Blood: This metric represents the volume of blood in a character's body. Blood loss occurs when someone has bleeding wounds, internal bleeding, or is vomiting blood. It can only be regained by rest and treatment.
  • Willpower: While the Will stat governs one's capacity to be focused and stubborn, willpower is the exhaustible resource afforded by that capacity. It is regenerated by rest outside combat, rebalancing in a fight, and landing attacks on the opponent. Missing attacks or being hit will cause a loss of willpower. The accuracy and strength of certain kinds of magical attacks will also depend partially on this metric.
  • Poise: Along with the Footwork skill, poise impacts a combatant's speed and accuracy. Some movements in combat will cost more poise than others, and being hit by the opponent will typically drain poise. Poise can be regained by taking a moment to rebalance.
  • Fatigue: Every combat move has a cost, and will increase fatigue. Resting outside of a fight will decrease fatigue.
  • Trauma: While the Endurance stat governs one's physical hardiness, ongoing trauma will wear that down. This is a blunt measure of all the wounds heaped upon a person, and can cause a combatant to stumble, fall, or pass out mid-fight.

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