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The continent of Idiri

Idiri is the vast southern continent of Avaria, bordered on the north by the Adelantean Sea, on the west by the Great Stormy Sea, and on the east by the Gulf of Adwa and Sea of Sala'ah. It consists of a variety of different land types, ranging from the Great Hazari Desert in the north, through tropical highlands and rainforest at the center, to vast swathes of savannah and grassland in the south and east. It is home to a great diversity of peoples and is crossed by numerous trade routes along which goods travel to and from all parts of the known world.

The port city of Omrazir, the chief hub of activity in the game, is located on the northeastern coast of Idiri.

Political Units of Idiri

Idiri is dominated by the lands of the Sirdabi Caliphate in the north, and elsewhere is divided up into various kingdoms and confederacies with diverse governing styles and cultures.

Country Affliation Type Primary Heritage(s)
Amunat Sirdabi Caliphate Province Amunati
Cloud Kingdoms Independent Kingdoms Bissenke
Ifru Sirdabi Caliphate Province Tessouare, Razmani
Koumbasi Sirdabi Caliphate Emirate Bissenke
Kunduz Independent Kingdom Milombo
Niyone Independent Confederation Xhalantu
Nok Independent Territory Milombo, Tessouare
Raziya Sirdabi Caliphate Province Razmani, Sirdabi, Tessouare, Salawi
Tessere Sirdabi Caliphate Province Tessouare, Bissenke, Sirdabi, Yehani
Ulamba Independent Kingdom Xhalantu
Zalawi Sirdabi Caliphate Province Salawi, Xhalantu

Regions of Idiri

Much of Idiri consists of small territories, chiefdoms, and alliances of tribes that are self-governing and ever changing. Some are ruled over by chiefs or kings (or queens), while others are primarily governed by councils of elders or respected individuals chosen by their people. Eschewing any greater political affiliation, they are primarily identified by the general region they inhabit.

Country Primary Heritage(s)
Desert of Fallen Stars Kiliku
Gilded Plain Bissenke, Xhalantu, Tessouare
Great Hazari Desert Tessouare, Razmani, Bissenke
Izendi Highlands Milombo
Opone Grasslands Xhalantu, Salawi
Zendizi Isles Xhalantu, Jalanit

Peoples of Idiri

People Race Primary Origin(s)
Amunati Human Amunat
Angrosh Non-Human Great Hazari Desert
Bissenke Human Cloud Kingdoms, Koumbasi, Gilded Plain
Hanjama Non-Human Nok, Niyone, Ulamba
Jinn Non-Human Great Hazari Desert
Kiliku Human Desert of Fallen Stars, Izendi Highlands, Zalawi
Milombo Human Kunduz, Nok, Izendi Highlands
Razmani Human Raziya, Great Hazari Desert
Salawi Human Zalawi, Adelantean coast
Sirdabi Human Sirdabi Caliphate
Tessouare Human Ifru, Tessere, Great Hazari Desert
Xhalantu Human Niyone, Ulamba, Opone Grasslands
Yehani Human Sirdabi Caliphate