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The Ilexi are the people of far western Ruvera, native to the Kingdom of Ensor and the High Hinterlands.

Ilexi tend to be both individualistic and clannish, particularly in the highland regions of north Ensor and in the High Hinterlands themselves. Most other peoples of Ruvera view them as brash, boorish, and generally unsophisticated, if not outright wild. The more cultured Ilexi of the south are continually embarrassed by this reputation, which spurs an extra bit of resentment between the residents of north and south Ensor.


The Ilexi are a middling sort of people in build and appearance. Not as fair as the Rhodish, they tend towards light to tanned skin and dark blond to brown hair. Truly black hair is rare, but dark brown is not uncommon, and various darker shades of red are also frequently mixed in. The color of their eyes runs the gamut of lighter tones from grey to deep brown, with blue and light brown being most typical.