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The INFLICT and AFFLICT commands are a storytelling tool that allows you to inflict wounds or other ailments on your character. This lets you portray the results of off-screen in-character happenings, where you might be hurt or get sick, or simply suffer from some chronic ailment. Using the INFLICT/AFFLICT commands will make those storyline occurrences a mechanical reality, and give characters with First Aid skill a chance to DIAGNOSE your wound or affliction.


INFLICT <bodypart> with <number> <damage type>
>inflict right leg with 80 blunt

AFFLICT <effect> for <duration in hours>
>afflict having an allergic reaction to eating clams for 3


  • Regarding numerical values for wounds, 100 would be a small wound whereas 2000 is more life-threatening.
  • If the affliction you want should be a chronic condition, put "chronic" instead of a duration integer in the syntax.

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