Interacting with NPCs

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Song of Avaria is a roleplaying-focused game, and so everyone is expected to treat the non-player characters (NPCs) as if they were in fact real people, just like player characters (PCs). Some suspension of disbelief is of course important, but it can be useful to consider that NPCs are assumed to have their own mundane lives and concerns and can't always be bothered with dealing with others. There are however times when staff members may animate the NPCs you're interacting with. It's always a good idea to treat them like real people, regardless.

The best way to communicate with NPCs is by using the ASK command to ask about certain phrases that they may be programmed to give information about. You can also GREET an NPC to get a more generic response.

What can NPCs do? Some NPCs can give jobs, training, valuable information, or important services. You can also ask for directions to important places, such as banks, lodging, or postal offices. You don't need to ask a specific NPC for directions -- simply ask in a public location.

You can INTRODUCE yourself to an NPC in order to start gaining a relationship with them. Notes may be made in that relationship by any staff members who animate the NPC, or automatically due to actions you undertake with that NPC. Be aware that your reputation, if you have one, may precede you at all times.

NPC Interaction Commands

  • ASK DIRECTIONS <bank/lodging/post>
  • GREET <npc>
  • ASK <npc> <phrase>
  • INTRODUCTION <npc> as <name>