Leniscan Sea

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The Leniscan Sea is an inland sea of Near Ruleska, lying between the lands of the southeastern Kalentoi Empire and the northwestern Sirdabi Caliphate. The lands that border it include the Grand Duchy of Cadenza, the Kalentoi province of Ruleskos, the Sirdabi province of Saramat, and the Eladje Emirate.

Relatively deep and filled with a number of islands, the Leniscan Sea is a highly productive fishery that is a source of both food and economic activity for the surrounding lands. Many of the islands are inhabited by seafaring tribes of Sarmatiyyans, come down long ago from the mountains of Saramat to found their own enclaves amidst the cool blue waters of the Lenisca. Thankfully for the other peoples who fish and sail the sea, these tribes are significantly more peaceable than their mountain kin and seldom trouble either fishermen or travelers as long as their own rights to the sea are respected.