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LOOK is how you see the world around you. Using LOOK can show you the descriptions of all kinds of different things: rooms, room objects, items, characters, and more.


Shows you the room you're in.

LOOK <object|item|person>
Shows the long description of room objects, items, and PCs/NPCs.

LOOK <person's> <item>
Shows the long description of any item another character is holding or wearing.

LOOK <exit>
Shows any additional details about special exits such as doors, gates, paths, etc.


  • LOOKing at a character will show you their full description, inventory, held items, and any obvious injuries or markings they may have, among other things. To get a quick look at a character that provides only the most basic details, you can use GLANCE instead.
  • All items in the game have their own long description which you can see by LOOKing at them. This includes clothing, accessories, food, knickknacks, and many many other things.
  • Some things included in a room's description may also be LOOKed at. Looking more closely at things in the room description can provide additional interesting details.

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