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Song of Avaria is a text-based roleplaying game that incorporates both MUD- and MUSH-like features to create a dynamic storytelling experience in an intricate and expansive fantasy world.

SoA is set in the vast land of Avaria, a roughly Earth-like world with a host of cultures and countries spanning a large globe. Geopolitics and religion mix with magic and adventure to create a realm full of possibilities, where player characters can pursue a huge range of goals limited only by their own imagination. Whether a pious priest, a bold knight of the realm, a canny entrepreneur, a climbing socialite, a studious researcher, a street thug with ambitions, or simply an ordinary peasant or citizen with dreams of something grander, Avaria offers a stage for characters to play out their own personal stories with one another against a vast backdrop of history in the making.

More information can be found on the Setting page or under the Lore links.

News of Avaria

  • Stealing from Bandits: It's common knowledge that the Sharizaar Road, like most routes through the desert wilds, has its share of perils and problems -- like the bandit camps scattered through the upper reaches of the Sharizaar Massif. But recently word has trickled back to Omrazir of one of those robber camps being robbed itself! [More]
  • Stormy Summer: For a place that doesn't normally see much rain in the summer, it's been an unusually stormy season in Omrazir. Local pagans wonder if Nirzali is showering the city with her favor, or if she's thundering with displeasure... [More]

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Development Updates

  • 10.05.23: The appearance of people and animals in rooms is changed: now they show up right after the room description as more of a one-line list, and basic poses (e.g., "is standing here") are no longer displayed.
  • 09.27.23: Languages in character generation now show a percentage of fluency, making it easier for linguists to choose additional languages. Several character generation bugs have been fixed, including the unwanted behavior of generating a new shortdesc over one you had already written if you auto-generate a long description. Finally, the look of character generation over the website has been repaired.
  • 09.24.23: A calendar has been added to the website. This is a work in progress.
  • 09.20.23: Animals that are being ridden should no longer wander. Ridden animals should now properly depart with the rider when the rider logs out.
  • 09.17.23: Construction commands are undergoing implementation, starting with INSTALL, where locks can be installed onto chests and doors.

More Updates


The original concept for Song of Avaria came about in 2016, and its adaptation as a MU* began in 2020. It is founded on the Evennia Creation System and is actively in development. Currently it is open for invitation-only pre-alpha testing.