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Song of Avaria is a text-based roleplaying game that incorporates both MUD- and MUSH-like features to create a dynamic storytelling experience in an intricate and expansive fantasy world.

SoA is set in the vast land of Avaria, a roughly Earth-like world with a host of cultures and countries spanning a large globe. Geopolitics and religion mix with magic and adventure to create a realm full of possibilities, where player characters can pursue a huge range of goals limited only by their own imagination. Whether a pious priest, a bold knight of the realm, a canny entrepreneur, a climbing socialite, a studious researcher, a street thug with ambitions, or simply an ordinary peasant or citizen with dreams of something grander, Avaria offers a stage for characters to play out their own personal stories with one another against a vast backdrop of history in the making.

More information can be found on the Setting page or under the Lore links.

News of Avaria

  • A Bright New Year: 1 Pavana 797, City of Omrazir: A new year has arrived, and with the close of the holy weeks of Solitary, the formerly silent streets of Omrazir are now filled with lively talk about the resoundingly stormy end to the old year... [More]
  • A Hungry New Year: 1 Pavana 797, St. Loomis: Spring and a new year have come to Ensor, but in St. Loomis the slow ripening of winter-sown crops has done nothing to relieve the hunger stemming from the poor harvest of the autumn past... [More]

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Development Updates

  • 02.17.22: Separated Weaving into two skills: Weaving and Basketry. Added leatherworking abilities: "tan" and "fabricate". Protip: don't drink tanning solution, or you'll get the new affliction of food poisoning.
  • 02.16.22: Perfumery, Stoneworking, and Dyeing have been added as craft skills. Custom crafting is now available with Smithing and Carpentry.
  • 02.14.22: It is now possible to craft tools and other components for crafting with the Carpentry skill, not only furniture. Carpentry can be learned by practice if you're holding a saw. You can also now teach another person a unique design for any craft, and generic versions of crafting commands have been created that can be used for any type of craft. New abilities have been added to Smithing: "refine", to temper raw ore into ingots and otherwise manipulate mined objects into useable materials; and "forge", by which a smith can make various sorts of items out of metal with the use of hammer, anvil, and forge fire.

More Updates


The original concept for Song of Avaria came about in 2016, and its adaptation as a MU* began in 2020. It is founded on the Evennia Creation System and is actively in development. Currently it is open for invitation-only pre-alpha testing.