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The Milombo are the settled residents of the tropical Izendi Highlands of Idiri, whose lands converge upon Nirzali's Mirror.

They are generally organized into intricately shifting alliances of tribes, but the Kingdom of Kunduz is ruled over by a single divine king much as the Bissenke are far to the west. The Milombo are consummate artists, producing beautiful sculptures, masks, musical instruments, and other objects worked in a variety of tropical hardwoods. Although generally a peaceful people who prefer complex diplomacy and ritual to war, they are renowned for their skill in archery and have been known to defend their lands fiercely when pressed.


The Milombo are a distinctly elegant people, smaller than their coastal neighbours among the Salawi but with a graceful carriage and long limbs for their size. Their skin ranges through numerous very dark shades, from ashy black to an almost iridescent onyx, and their eyes are likewise very deep shades of brown, black, indigo, and violet.