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Presence is a somewhat ineffable attribute, functioning somewhere between willpower and renown, that allows people to "get stuff done." Most literally it reflects a character's actual presence in the world, but it carries the word's additional sense of possessing a certain notability.

Earning Presence

Presence is earned in several ways:

  • Logging into a character, once per day.
  • Making roleplay forum posts.
  • Engaging in roleplay with other players in-game, once per day.
  • Becoming acquainted with a character you haven't met before.
  • Earning nominations from other players.
  • Awards from staff for outstanding roleplay and/or story-telling.

Using Presence

When you first receive Presence, it is merely a score of points that builds up on your account. It's how you invest these points that will help you define your results. You can choose to:

  • Invest into one of your characters. This will increase that character's Presence attribute, and they will receive better outcomes when performing actions that require Presence. If your character dies, half those points that were invested will return to your account.
  • Invest into a character's story arc. This will boost the relevance of your story arc so that it is more likely to catch the eyes of staff, and gain uniquely moderated results, such as special plot engagement, visions, NPC attention, or other things that may guide your story along.
  • Invest into your account. If you level up your account, you will be able to access more options in character generation and will have the chance to play rarer and more challenging character concepts.


To view your Presence, use the PRESENCE command.

To invest your Presence points:

INVEST <number> into <character name>
INVEST <number> into <story arc title>
INVEST <number> into account