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The Rankings system is a way for you to show off your skill in a favorite hobby and compete with others for fame and bragging rights! As you explore the world you are likely to come across groups of virtual NPCs enjoying a hobby, such as a group of brawlers or a small crowd of anglers. These fervent enthusiasts are likely keeping track of people's accomplishments in their own respective hobbies -- in other words, keeping rankings of player characters based on what they've managed to achieve. When you encounter a group of such people, you can use the RANKINGS command to hear about who has made a name for themselves so far.

For example, if you were standing in the Showroom of Keely's Saloon you might have an exchange like this:

 You inquire about fight rankings.
 A pale-blue-eyed bookie half-ignores you, starting offhandedly with, "Well," and then getting into the specifics of who is who in the combatants' pit these days.
 "Our chumps are the Stinky Wrecker, Blue Demon the Humble, the First Eagle, the Saffron Castle and the Eternal Trumpet," a pale-blue-eyed bookie says.

There are several different hobby types and rankings you can participate in. Currently brawling, fishing, hunting, scholarship, and performance activities can be participated in for fun and renown.


To start making a name for yourself as a brawler, you'll first need to find a brawling club, or somewhere else where there are people to fight and others who may be keeping track of combatants' successes and failures. Keely's Saloon in St. Loomis is one place where you can find a semi-formal brawling club and fight ring. From the showroom overlooking the fighting pit, you may see brawlers periodically stepping out and making challenges. You have the option of accepting one of these challenges, or may put forth a challenge of your own.


You can use a custom emote when making or accepting a challenge by adding the 'emote' argument and your emote. You will need to go to the challenge grounds to do so.

>accept challenge emote after a sharp nod, /me calls out, "I will take that challenge!"

Challenging a particular person will call them out, but it will not require them to answer the challenge. Anyone can answer any challenge in the ring. If nobody accepts a challenge in time, an NPC will end up accepting it. NPCs will also periodically venture challenges if nobody is using the ring. One thing to keep in mind when issuing challenges is that who you challenge can potentially have impacts on your reputation -- for example, if you challenge someone who is weak or beaten up, or you are otherwise being a bully, you will gain a reputation for this.

You can even give yourself an alias to use while fighting, whether you'd like to be known to the brawling world by your own ordinary name or something with more flair.

MAKE MY ALIAS <the alias you'd like to compete with>

If you don't feel quite up to joining the ring yourself, you can also simply spectate and place bets on ongoing fights.