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Occupying the heartland of Ruvera and representing the westernmost extent of the Kalentoi Empire, the pugnacious Ravenni value strength and valor and are fearsome in battle, with feats of arms and ingenious tactics much glorified.

The Ravenni tend to be ruled by petty but proud lords and princes who bend the knee only to the distant emperor in Calentium, while their own lands are fractured into a complicated patchwork of tiny principates perpetually squabbling among one another. While many of these sovereigns rule with an iron fist and some princes are little more than robber barons, Ravenni societies are significantly less stratified and fixed than those in the eastern parts of the Empire, and the distance between the high and low of society is not so great as it often is among the Cateni. Initiative and proven strength are often rewarded, so that it is possible for an individual to rise from low rank to high based on their accomplishments. A number of villagers and townsfolk have also successfully banded together to form independent self-governing communes, adding to the complexity of the political landscape.

The Ravenni have a reputation for being serious if not somewhat dour.


Ravenni incline towards fairness, with blond to medium brown hair and fair to ruddy skin prevailing. Blue and green eyes are common as well as lighter shades of brown.