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The Rhodish people occupy the northwestern coasts of Ruvera, from relatively temperate Solveig and Barendts to the colder lands adjoining Kuslovik. Fisherman, farmers, and seafaring raiders, both their kingdoms and villages are united by strong social bonds and ancient bardic traditions. Although once feared throughout Ruvera for their sudden attacks on coastal and river towns, the Rhodish have also settled widely in many of the lands they once raided, and trade with their homelands furnishes southern Ruvera with fine furs as well as fish and good steel weaponry.


Rhodish are typically far fairer than any other peoples of Avaria, with skin ranging from lightly tanned or rosy to quite pale. Their hair is likewise in light shades of brown or blonde, occasionally shading towards platinum or strawberry. Most Rhodish have a robust frame, with both men and women tending to be tall and solidly built.