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Near Ruleska and western Riendu

Ruleska, sometimes called Near Ruleska or Lower Ruleska, is the portion of the large eastern continent that borders on the Adelantean Sea and the Sea of Sala'ah. It makes up the heartland of the Sirdabi Caliphate and is a crossroads for cultures and commerce from Idiri, Ruvera, Riendu, Jalanjhur, and Altaruleska -- in short, for nearly the entire known world.

Despite its centrality in world culture -- or perhaps reflecting it -- the borders of Ruleska are not distinct except for where the land meets the sea. The Tin Chalun Mountains serve as a rough demarcation of its eastern bounds, while the Kalentoi capital of Calentium spans the worlds of Ruleska and Ruvera in the west.

Peoples of Ruleska

People Race Primary Origin(s)
Cateni Human Cadenza
Dwarf Non-Human Tin Chalun Mountains
Eladjit Human Eladje
Elukoi Human Kalentoi Empire
Irzali Human Irzal
Sirdabi Human Sirdabi Caliphate
Yehani Human Marzum, Sirdabi Caliphate, Kalentoi Empire