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The rugged Rusalvi occupy the cool and heavily forested lands of northeastern Ruvera and Far Ruleska. Alternately foes and allies of the Kalentoi Empire, their Ruveran kingdoms are accustomed to bitter warfare often fought guerilla-style, while the eastern archduchy of Kuslovik must be constantly on the defensive against incursions by horse nomads from the Ruleskan steppes.

From the combined influence of a harsh climate and the ever-looming threat of violence, the Rusalvi are a stoic and long-suffering people. Besides being brave and dogged warriors, they have developed a rather mystical spirituality and are deeply attached to the lands in which they live. As a people they are often stubbornly pragmatic yet harbor an almost sentimental appreciation of natural beauty, and their overall character tends to be fatalistic.


The Rusalvi are typically quite fair, with light blond to medium brown hair, pale to ruddy skin, and light-colored eyes. In the eastern and northern reaches of Kuslovik, tawnier skin tones and almond-shaped eyes are a result of intermingling with the nomadic peoples of tundra and steppe.