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The continent of Ruvera, along with portions of western Ruleska

Ruvera is the continent lying on the north side of the Adelantean Sea. It consists of a mix of fertile plains, extensive temperate forests, and many mountains, and much of it is fairly rugged and difficult to navigate by land. It is home to many relatively small countries, in addition to the western portions of the Kalentoi Empire. It is named for the Ruveran Empire of classical times, which once spread across much of the continent and to which the Kalentoi are now heir.

The southern shore of the Ruveran continent was struck particularly hard by the Devastation that came at the start of the Great Dark, when tidal waves battered the land and permanently sank much of the Adelantean coastline. Not only were many major cities drowned beneath the waves, but changes in tides, currents, and even local weather crippled navigation and commerce. After centuries of hardship and struggle, the lands of Ruvera have finally regained some of their former prosperity and are perhaps poised to take a larger role on the world stage.

Political Units of Ruvera

Ruvera is divided up into a great diversity of political entities, from kingdoms and confederacies to the great Kalentoi Empire that encompasses much of the continent within its religious if not political aegis.

Country Affliation Type Primary Heritage(s)
Barendts Independent Kingdom Rhodish
Cadenza Kalentoi Empire Grand Duchy Cateni
Elukos Kalentoi Empire Province Elukoi
Ensor Kalentoi Empire Allied Kingdom Ilexi
Iskandria Kalentoi Empire Province Elukoi
Jadniez Independent Kingdom Rusalvi
Kalentoi Empire N/A Empire Elukoi, Cateni, Ravenni
Meliesz Kalentoi Empire Exalted Principate Ravenni, Rusalvi
Merouen Kalentoi Empire Allied Kingdom Cateni
Middlelands Independent Confederacy Ravenni
Ravenni Principates Kalentoi Empire Principate-Province Ravenni
Ruleskos Kalentoi Empire Province Elukoi
Silenya Kalentoi Empire Allied Kingdom Rusalvi, Cateni
Solveig Independent Kingdom Rhodish
Volusia Kalentoi Empire Allied Republic Cateni

Regions of Ruvera

Although most of the continent is claimed by one great political power or another, a few places in Ruvera remain independent from any kind of large-scale governance and are only locally organized -- where they are even inhabited at all.

Region Affliation Primary Heritage(s)
High Hinterlands None Ilexi
Misty Reaches None ?

Peoples of Ruvera

People Race Primary Origin(s)
Angrosh Non-Human High Hinterlands
Cateni Human Merouen, Volusia, Nieve, Silenya
Dwarf Non-Human High Hinterlands (?)
Elukoi Human Kalentoi Empire
Ilexi Human Ensor, High Hinterlands
Ravenni Human Ravenni Principates, Midlands, Nieve
Rhodish Human Barendts, Solveig
Rusalvi Human Jadniez, Meliesz, Silenya
Yehani Human Ensor, Kalentoi Empire