Sharizaar Massif

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The Sharizaar Massif is a vast block of elevated tableland located near the center of the Rassi Plateau in Raziya. Rising several hundred feet above the surrounding area, the Sharizaar dominates the landscape around it and can be easily seen on the horizon even from the Adelantean coast. At no point is the top of the massif easily obtained, and in most places the cliffsides are steep to sheer. The sharpest drop of all is along its eastern side, where over countless millennia the River Tamrasset has carved a deep canyon through the stone, cutting the Sharizaar off from its eastern extent which is known as the Tamrasset Massif. A single good track provides access to the rolling plateau that constitutes the top of the Sharizaar, where grassy scrubland spreads out as far as the eye can see, broken only by unexpected ravines and clumps of rugged boulders. A few Tessouare tribes sometimes pasture livestock here, while bandits often lurk in hideouts built among the crags. Rare is the person, however, who is brave enough to dare a visit to the ruins of the ancient fortress that occupy their own isolated outcropping on the most northerly projection of the massif, distantly overlooking the Sharizaar Road far below.