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STORY allows you to start a new personal story using the in-game story system, or gives you various options for updating an existing story.


With no stories begun:
You have no story arcs yet! Check help story. Start one with story start.
With existing stories:
Your Stories:
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the People's Plaza (4 chapters)
Down with the Bread Sellers! (2 chapters)

Allows you to begin a new story. Entering this command will return two questions:
What do you want to name this story arc?
How do you want to describe this story arc?

You can name your story arc however you want. The description provides the starting context for your story and sets it up for future developments. After you enter this information, you will be given the option of going back and editing either the title or the description if you find you want to change something. Once confirmed, the description will appear as the first entry in your new story, under the chapter title of "Prologue".

STORY VIEW <story name>
Allows you to view an existing story.

STORY EDIT <story name>
Allows you to make edits to an existing story.

STORY DEVELOP <story name>
Allows you add further developments to an existing story, like adding new chapters. This also gives you options for attaching material related to this development, like a log or a relationship update.

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