Help Topic: Coins

Category: Character

Coins in Avaria come in generally three sorts: gold, silver, and copper. Different cultures
have different variations of these sorts, and sometimes you may come across a scrap coin that
is worth less than a copper.

When you're at a store or a cafe you can assume the numbers listed are measured in copper
coins. While you will always see how many copper coins you have, it is useful to know how much
the others are worth as well.

A silver coin is often worth a hundred copper coins, and a gold coin worth a hundred silvers.

Everyone gets a coinpouch by default. It's a contrivance that stores coins only. You can get
coins out of your coinpouch and exchange them and throw them around, and then put them back
away in there if you'd like. You can also use the 'pay' command to pay someone directly
from your coinpouch.

coinpouch / look coinpouch
get <specific coin> from coinpouch
pay <amount in copper coins> to <person>

Coins might be a little clunky at times, and you may notice that nowhere on your person --
whether in your coinpouch or secreted away in various pockets of clothing -- is safe for
your coins. You might want to keep them at a bank!

Otherwise, coinpouches are great. Much better than keeping coins in your socks. Keeping
your coins in your coinpouch makes them feel not so heavy! Ugh, it's hard to be so rich.

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