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Your personal story is the principal pursuit in Song of Avaria. The world's wide story may
be interwoven with yours, but your character's legend is centered through your play.

How do you pursue story? The first thing you do is think about something you'd like to
develop. Maybe you have a fear of water and never want to get on a ship, lest you drown!

Maybe you had an odd dream you'd like to understand, or you might've been present at a
sermon about revolting against the Kalentoi Church, or maybe the town's bank was robbed
and you want to get the money back!

Whatever your motivation, start by recording it. That is the beginning of a story 'arc'.

A story arc can have many 'developments' over time, and you can record those as well.

You might meet people along the way who impact this particular story Arc, and you
can attach relationship 'impressions' to developments. You can also attach logs, and
other events that may be relevant.

story start
story edit <story name>
story develop <story name>

Some of these options will introduce you into short menus, but you are still present
at your location in game and can see what happens there. You can exit the menu in order
to react to in-game events anytime with 'exit'. It's also possible to edit your arcs
or add new ones from the website.

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