Help Topic: Swap stats

Category: Character

Characters develop and change through the course of stories, and while
we don't want them to be constantly shifting in rapid and unrealistic
ways, we do want them to be capable of development.

For the sake of continuity and persistence, it's not possible to change
some things without having the special chance afforded to you, or without
making a request from the staff.

However, there are three things you are given the chance to change over
intervals of time.

Personality: one month after starting a character, you will be given an
opportunity to modify their personality. This is to allow for the fact
that it's sometimes difficult to exactly gauge what your character's
personality will be when you're first starting out. You will also be
able to edit their personality again after that, once per year.

Stats: You may swap one stat point for another once per year after your
character's birthday.

Description: You may change your character's description once per year
after their birthday.

swap stats <stat> for <stat>
-- (decreases one from first stat to increase second stat)
personality <modified personality here>
describe me <new description here>

If you have any questions or need any help, you're also free to submit
a request.

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