Rostam Marzani

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Irzali
  • Age: 36
  • Eye color: mahogany
  • Hair color: pitch black
  • Skin color: golden-brown
  • Size: 77in / 210lb


Towering at well over six feet, this man has the narrow waist and lithe shoulders of a gymnast or a swordsman. His rich mahogany-brown eyes are flecked in places with gold, and are slightly softer than the rest of his features suggest. His golden-brown skin and the almond cast to his eyes both reveal an Irzali heritage, though the angular lines of his face and his aquiline nose imply that there is a certain amount of mixed blood in his family line. That nose has been broken at least once, judging by the pale scar across its prominent bridge and a slightly off-kilter line. It lends a rugged accent to his otherwise symmetrical features, along with the blue-black shadow of stubble that clings to his jaw even when he's clean-shaven. His pitch-black hair curls into a tight cap of ringlets, graced with a hint of oil. His hands are massive, with heavy calluses and faint scars running across his knuckles.