Agreement to Play Alpha

  • 1. You understand that the game is currently in an unstable phase of active development, and this means that many elements of play may be subject to change, and you agree to good-naturedly cope with any such changes that might occur.
  • 2. You agree to play without completely codified policies and to simply follow the posted rules, understanding that while your opinion will be listened to with respect, staff will be the final arbiter on any issues that may arise.
  • 3. You agree to engage in constructive dialogue about changes or suggestions that you feel would be for the best, without entitlement or rudeness, understanding that developer time is a limited asset and this is a hobby project that only advances as a labor of love.
  • 4. You agree to report bugs when you find them, and understand that in this phase you will likely find them often, and they may interrupt your roleplay in a manner that will require flexibility and imagination to deal with in terms of assuring continuity in storylines.
  • 5. You understand that as an alpha tester, you would be playing an important role in the development of the game as your suggestions and ideas could inform future versions, and you agree to be considerate and responsible with this directive.
  • 6. You understand that this game is not a finished or polished product, and agree to endeavor your best to treat it, its developers, and its other players with grace and kindness.
  • 7. You agree to go into this game with a positive attitude, a blank slate, and do your best to have fun!