Alpha Phase Agreement

This is the alpha phase of the game, and we are still lacking many things that some players might consider absolutely integral to their gaming enjoyment.

Our rules and policy documents are still being finalized. So, as of right now, the main rule is to be kind... and that's it. If you have difficulty understanding what this means, you may be subject to what appear to be arbitrary disciplinary measures. At this point in alpha, you'll just have to trust us.

The game is likely to have a great many bugs, and it's possible you will need to retcon parts of your story that have been affected by these bugs. You will sometimes need to suspend disbelief when mechanics glitch, and find ways to roleplay and create story around holes in mechanics or lore. We hope that alpha players will be reporting all the bugs they find, and we appreciate this greatly.

One thing to be clear about is that we are not planning on any database wipes. The storyline that runs through alpha will have real and lasting impacts on the game world, and whatever story you make for yourself along the way is yours to keep, without fear of erasure.