Development: Pre-Alpha

The game is in an invitation-only testing phase as of 5/14/2022.

During this phase, new characters will be kept in the area called 'the Faded Zone'. While it is still an in-character area, this place is theoretically in your character's dreams, and thus has little to no impact on the storylines of Avaria itself. In that sense, you can explore, fight, and test out how the game works without being worried about consequences, and without too many concerns about what your character should be doing.

We all act oddly in our dreams sometimes, and don't even remember.

If you have your special invitation code, check out the QuickStart guide on the wiki for immediate help getting started.

Please submit lots of bugs, and feel free to bring up any exciting ideas for development on the forums.


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Development Changelog


Alharat's Day, 10 Darshali 798
Zone Weather
City of Omrazir partly cloudy
Town of St Loomis mild and clear


You can connect via telnet at:
port 4000