Alpha Phase: Registration Closed

From the crystalline spheres of the heavens it comes, an exalted music that thrums from the outermost shell down to the center on waves of invisible resonance.

It shrieks and thrums through the jungles of Jalanjhur, whispers in hollow tones across the desert sands of the Great Hazari, and murmurs drowsily in the tranquil green fields of Ensor. The Kalentoi sing it beneath the resonating vaults of cathedrals while the Koumbasi drum out its most intricate rhythms, and Sirdabi caravans pound it out with careless joy in the cadence of camels' hooves. Even the merchants of Marpagna and the natural philosophers of Omrazir mumble it under their breaths, unknown to themselves, as they count their clinking coins and sound the depths of knowledge human and divine.

This is the hum of existence.

This is the Song of Avaria.

Song of Avaria is in the alpha phase of development, and registration is now closed.

The hands-on story-oriented experience that we aim to craft for current players takes a great deal of care and attention, and thanks to an amazing opening day turnout from the community, we have met the limit of our capacity as staff!

We deeply appreciate the excitement of all our players and we are looking forward to diving headlong into the alpha plot.

For now, we'll be disabling new account registration temporarily: until we make it through the existing stacks of bug reports and character applications.

Thank you for your interest. Once we've established the start of a secure and cozy community, we plan to reopen registration.

Please submit lots of bugs, and feel free to bring up any exciting ideas for development on the forums.


There's currently 4 connected out of a total of 180 accounts registered.

Of these, none were created this week, and 24 have connected within the last seven days.

Development Changelog

Game Data


Alharat's Day, 14 Jirguz 797
Zone Weather
City of Omrazir ruthlessly hot and clear
Town of St Loomis warm and clear
Sea of Mist partly cloudy


You can connect via telnet at:
port 4000