* Fixed issue with multiple-page forum threads sucking up the title into the row of page number links.
* Forum should hopefully now allow embeds, when posting new links.
* Characters should now generate while properly wearing their clothes.
* TEMOTE is now an alias for TMOTE.
* When arranging other objects, the poses will not wear off on a game reload -- so unless those objects are picked up and moved, or arranged a different way, the poses should be permanent.


* Made a patch on clothing to cover up all the indecent folks. Also, animals shouldn't show as naked anymore.
* Trauma from a wound on a body part should now be dependant on how important that body part is to a person.
* Broken bones will now also add to trauma.
* Added UNLOG command to the FTB arsenal. This allows you to turn off your logging temporarily.
* Phase entry text updated with information about the mutiny.
* You should be able to cover yourself decently even if you have the gall to wear a shield. Also, you can no longer cover any part of yourself willy-nilly with any armor that isn't made to cover that body part. You can still shift regular clothing around however you might like, though.
* If you are naked or indecent, your sdesc should reveal that now. Please be polite to people who show up as indecently exposed and OOCly alert them to this fact, to start with... might be an awkward alpha thing.
* Properly disabling registration.


* Lowered skill threshold for the cutting rope chore, and also lowered damage of the failure-gash.
* The 'predict weather' ability now works with either sailing or outdoorsmanship skill rolls.
* Added in a new plot-related feature: CHORES! (Yaaaay...)
* Re-titling logs no longer gives XP. Accordingly, the amount of XP you get from titling a log has been boosted from half a point to a full point.
* When checking for required objects, the function will no longer use items that you are wearing -- if you want to use an object in a craft you should now have to take it off.
* PCs who host calendar events should now earn 10 presence points upon the successful starting of the event.
* You will no longer try to snuff PCs whom you lay in hammocks.


* Broken bones will now heal at 2.5 times the previous speed.
* Several new general objects have been added around the ship, thanks to pof Inaya, pof Ariziya, and pof Rostam.
* People who are lying down or sitting won't try to follow others anymore. You'll have to crawl on your own after your departing friends...
* Resolving petitions no longer requires the sending of OOCMail.
* Fat can be butchered out of bilgerats.
* Ingredients have had their flavors re-done.
* Brain, liver, lung, and heart are all classed as 'offal' now, and usable in the new general recipe for sausages, which are stuffed into intestines -- thanks to pof Fadila for this.


* Fixed impression-making bug.
* Corpses now show up as things rather than people in a room.


* Taking things from dead people shouldn't be so buggy anymore.
* It's now possible to do relationship impressions from the website, and any impressions can be made at any time in-game of anyone you have freshly played with in the last two days.
* Hour-played presence reward bug fixed.
* Help file for TEACH amended: you need skill level 4 or above to instruct.
* You can now LOOK PERSON's THINGS (or items, or assortment, or objects), in order to see more closely what collection of junk they may be carrying. This will send an emote if you use parenthesis. Also, when you look at someone's right hand (or teeth or left hand or an animal's back or mouth) you would be able to see what items they are holding there, if any.


* Sentences begun with ellipses or dashes should no longer have the first word automatically lowercased.
* Some issues with combat targeting fixed (assist should no longer have you attack dead targets).
* Fixed the bug with 'dancing' performance types (it should be 'dance').
* Changing your pose while stealthed will no longer broadcast it, and also clearing your pose via POSE RESET will no longer show to the whole room.
* Non-tamed animals now bleed out a lot faster than people do.
* Switched 'PEW!' critical hit flavor in stab attack to 'SHINK!'.
* Small glitch fixed with individual journeying.
* Arena character skill-setting shouldn't constantly return an error message anymore, even when it works.
* You can LOOK SLEEPING now, to help with forgetting 'sleepers'. (Although sleeper agents are supposed to be forgettable.)


* Knowledge Seeker archetypes should no longer get odd sums of stats in character generation.
* Increasing Presence level on a character should now immediately update presence-level-gated abilities.
* You should now see if you're stealthy in the login message that shows your position.
* Monsters don't all roar and scrape at the same time now, and if there are several there, they shouldn't ALL be scraping and roaring.
* Checks for being able to reach places have been slightly reworked, meaning that you don't approach the general area when trying to take something from someone in your vicinity anymore. It's also possible to GET things from corpses.
* Bugs with place-in-prompt, vomiting, tanning-solution viewing, and tiredness have been fixed.
* PCs should be able to easily sense their own fractures by checking HEALTH.


* Effects should now be able to stack. (Example: willowbark tea and memento will bonus.)
* Bugs submitted from the website should now properly award Presence points for the playtesting report.
* Baby rabbits will no longer mislead people into thinking them cats.
* Following yourself now makes you stop following people.
* Fixed some bugs with covering and uncovering using clothes.
* Wielding shields from one's back should be fixed now.
* Armor doesn't show in SCORE anymore, and this has actually been removed as an attribute (it did not matter actually, the only thing that takes effect as armor is whatever covers a specific bodypart that gets hit in the fight). Accordingly, you can now check ARMOR to see what is covering your body parts and how much armor each part has -- as well as warmth, which may be important #everntually.


* You can now use 3 Presence points to QUERY an NPC. This puts your request into a queue for NPC interaction.
* Arena character skills should now properly work.
* Red xcards shouldn't be issued when people are trying to send messages with green now -- you don't need the parenthesis.


* You should now be able to sheath a weapon into a specific sheath, if you have multiple sheaths.
* Fixing log starting issue (again).
* It's now only possible to administer water to sleep avatars, rather than anything that might be more impactful to story.
* Weirdness with some help files redirecting to others should be cleared up now.
* Issues with moving to the general area when trying to take objects from other objects have been fixed.
* Fixed double 'your current log resumes' issue.


* Presence award issues with the new day should hopefully be fixed now.
* It should now be far rarer to kick the ball to the groin in waveball.
* Incense and candles should now properly cause a scent.
* Searching for a required object to execute an ability should now check your inventory before your location.
* Boiling tea should now properly fill the pot.
* Willow added to the plant dictionary.
* Minigames will now reset scores properly upon ending the game.
* Rock-parchment-penknife had a particular bug, but now it should work again.
* You can now CLEAN FLOOR without a traceback, and you'll prioritize cleaning your own objects rather than giving someone else's boots a shine. It shouldn't be possible anymore to clean things that are inaccessible.
* It's now more difficult to accidentally OOCwhisper to yourself.
* Fixed issue with drawing sheaths again.
* Decayed or dying objects should now be properly removed from room vicinities. Room vicinities will hopefully also automatically stop tracking 'None' objects.
* Fixed the problem in PLACES/VICINITY ROOM where it only sometimes showed people. (The problem was that it was doing a stealth check even when people weren't stealthed.) Accordingly, you should now also always fail stealth checks against your own self...
* Spectres shouldn't smell anymore.


* Fixed bug with using FLEE.
* Fixed traceback with mobs in a fight on the other side of a door.
* All melee weapon skills should now grant the 'study weapons' ability.
* You should no longer be able to watch things happening when a door closes in your way. Opening and closing the door should now properly adapt your line of sight.


* You should be able to sleep while lying down now instead of standing to sleep like a horse (or a certain imposing woman).
* No more trying to 'approach the general area' to pick up objects that were placed in your vicinity.
* Issue fixed regarding not actually moving to places, when picking up items at that place.
* Changing places in a room now clears your immediate vicinity (at least, of people who are neither following you nor being carried).
* Some odd-looking messaging tweaked around vicinities.
* You should be able to eat food that is on the floor or ground at your vicinity.
* You can no longer keep trying to sit when you're already sitting at that same place.
* Tagging things in emotes should now check first for people, then for things in your inventory, then for things in the general location.
* Bug fix regarding cohabitation.
* People who die (actually die) will no longer have their entire character key changed.
* The GO command shouldn't any longer add extra commas to the temporary travelstring when you use parenthesis.
* Clinging to life shouldn't send you the 'you are stubbornly clinging to life' message for quite so long afterwards.


* Scrape bug fixed.
* Handling -normal- things was essentially broken after the smooth-brain way I fixed carrying/riding things, so now both of those should be working properly.


* When you carry someone, they are now in your immediate vicinity -- same for riding an animal.
* Roaring monsters can no longer retain stealth.
* 'Reveal' is now an alias of 'uncover'.
* You can now do SHOUTMOTES (or audio-emotes that carry a-ways...). HELP SHOUT for more information. (RPYELL works as an alias.)
* New player entry room updated to the interior of the forecastle, and the message seen when passing through the vortex has been similarly updated to give a quick summary of the story so far.
* An issue with webclient timeout has been hopefully fixed.
* Dead people don't go AFK anymore.
* Fixing a bug with being indoors, in the AFK tick.
* Some new SECRET commands have been added.
* Added an OOC reminder echo after a few hours of straight playing to suggest a healthy break!


* It's no longer possible to see inside objects in someone else's inventory.
* Added a GameHelp history page under the 'Guide' tab on the website. You can also do HISTORY GAMEHELP in-game to see the recent channel history.
* Monsters shouldn't scrape at the doors so generically anymore.
* Bug fixed with uncovering bandaged areas.
* It shouldn't be possible to wield a sheath anymore, which should fix the problem of people wielding sheaths instead of drawing the weapons in them. This could probably use some more work eventually to allow people to actually wield their sheaths if they want to.


* Fixed bug with custom vicinity interact messaging.
* Sleep avatars are now obscured in a room as 'sleepers' if there are many of them. You can LOOK SLEEPERS to see them individually, much like LOOK CROWD.
* Bandaging and splinting has been reworked. Because of this, some of the currently-installed bandages and splints might be having some problems. If you're concerned there might a problem with a bandage or splint on your character, file a petition and we'll fix it!
* Fixed some bug-reporting bugs with the arena. Even our bugs have bugs!
* People who are bound in ropes or chains will now turn into sleep avatars when logged out.
* If you haven't logged in for over 5 hours, you'll start a new log regardless of whether it's a "new day" or not.
* Whispering has been tidied up some, and it's no longer so easy to accidentally whisper to people with pretty topaz eyes, or try to whisper to people who are outside your room but in your line of sight.


* Edited room history some more -- in very crowded areas with a lot of activity, lag was still a substantial problem.
* AFK timer wasn't working on characters who seemed to have just closed their client windows, so that's fixed.


* Treating specific wounds on body parts should work now, with or without caps lock.
* You can now use either splint or relocate (with a splint nearby) to set a broken bone.
* When you try to use SAY with no argument, it shouldn't send a message to the whole room anymore -- if you liked that feature, you can add it in with CONFIG SAY_SOCIAL.
* It is now twice as easy to stand when traumatized.
* A lag problem in storing the room history when people moved about should be fixed now, hopefully.
* Anyone should be able to use ADMINISTER WATER TO in order to get an unconscious person to drink some water. Only people with first aid can administer medicines, though.
* Hashish is now its own sort of effect, along with various stages of the process, and will not cause addictions. It will numb pain but takes some time to take effect. And when you smoke things it makes ya smelly now.
* You will now need to be holding a garment before you try to dress someone else in it.
* Hunger and thirst now show in HEALTH and LIFESTYLE displays. Wielded weapons show properly in HEALTH.
* A SPC that becomes a sleep avatar will no longer make the staffmember show on WHO, and staff names should no longer double up on WHO. It will also show if staff are AFK.
* Blood regeneration rate has been tweaked. Having low volume will make you thirsty, but if you take care of that thirst, you'll regenerate more blood.
* Rate of healing has been tweaked -- story-based injuries shouldn't fade that quickly. If this ends up feeling too slow or still too fast, we can tweak it again.