* Animals that are being ridden should no longer wander.
* Ridden animals should now properly depart with the rider when the rider logs out.


* Construction commands are undergoing implementation, starting with INSTALL, where locks can be installed onto chests and doors.


* You can no longer try unsuccessfully to dry a towel with itself.
* TOSSing items now works properly as an alternative to GIVE that does not require close range.


* The webclient will no longer keep your last command in the input box, selected like in the mudlet default.
* You can now use the FALL command with adverbs (ex: fall dramatically).


* Locks and keys for locks can be made by a person with combined skill in Smithing and Lockpicking.
* It is now possible to have lockable and unlockable chests, ottomans, cabinets, and other such furnishings. These can be part of lodgings as well, and would be unlocked with the same key as your lodging key.
* NPCs will now do a better job reacting to witnessed crimes, and can react to crimes witnessed against their organization as though it is a crime against themselves.
* The RECOG system has been entirely rewritten, which means that all currently existing recogs are cleared. Now, when you add new ones, you will be only recognizing that character's current persona. If that character uses a disguise to adopt a new persona, you will not recognize them until you use RECOG on their new persona.


* There is now a tab for OOC communication in cutscenes.
* Staffmembers are capable of seeing interior narratives in cutscenes now.
* You can now leave relationship impressions in ongoing cutscenes.
* When someone records an impression of your character while you're offline, you will now properly receive OOCMail regarding it.


* Caravans now properly leave tracks, and should camp for the night and pack up camp at appropriate times.


* You can now 'scramble' in directions, as another movement verb, and this works for getting through both windows and cramped exits.
* You can no longer open second-story windows from outside, on the ground.
* Windows without windowpanes now give the correct error messaging when trying to open them.
* When building a window, now you can specify the other side of it.
* Lastly, the builder-facing RMENU should no longer throw errors when editing the room-object details of windows or other exits.
* Roleplay logs now log in color, and display properly on the website.


* Overland journeys are now possible via caravans as well as simply moving as solo travellers. Read HELP JOURNEY for more information. The implementation is very simple for now but further complexity is planned along the way!


* Sex and gender has been revamped, along with a disguise system to manipulate gendered appearance and system pronouns. Accordingly, it is only possible for pregnancy to occur if there is both a male and female involved, or at least a hermaphrodite. There are no stat differences between sexes but bigotry or misogyny may be a real attitude of either PCs or NPCs. Currently-existing clothing has been patched, if it is gendered, and you can now add a general demeanor towards people who appear to be of a certain gender.
* Cutscenes now show a small alert in the list if there have been posts since your last one (as long as you are acting as the involved character on the website).


* The webclient UI has been updated -- it's still a work-in-progress, but for now it's functional enough.
* You can use the LOG SPLIT command to split a log into two, which might help when developing separate story arcs.
* Sleep avatars now work a little more smoothly: they do not show up on the WHO/WHERE lists, and give no message of "Moop departs" when quitting. Instead you'll see "Moop visibly sinks into an even deeper sleep, dead to the world."
* Using HUG on someone who is mutually trusted to the "loved one" degree will now no longer result in a glitch.
* Using MASSAGE on a loved one will now also work.


* You can now set a diagnosing difficulty when using the AFFLICT command to make custom afflictions. You can also link a list of existing mechanical symptoms to make your character suffer! Muhahaha.... okay.
* Learning conditions have been added for stealth and street smarts.
* Whispering will no longer draw VNPC attention and break stealth -- in fact, hidden emotes will never draw environmental VNPC attention while stealthed. Roleplay to your heart's content while hiding.


* Some contrast issues have been fixed in the DungeonMaker, and levels have been mostly finalized, though perhaps with a few remaining unfound bugs.
* There is a new instruction log on the Gameplay Logs (for admin privileges only) regarding sending plot notes.
* Your plot notes, if long enough, should now not spam you all at once anymore -- but allow you to use 'more' to see further.
* You can now LOG PLOTNOTE (number) in order to log plot notes individually-and-specifically to be added to story arcs.


* Switched webclient to "evelite", a new Evennia option developed by InspectorCaracal, rather than the goldenlayout version. This new version is more customizable and simple in terms of providing a uniform experience for users. Customization is also still a work in progress!


* Up-and-down levels can now be added in the DungeonMaker. This is still a work in progress.


* You can now make Spawner types of objects with the DungeonMaker. These will generate NPCs into the "dungeon" area until they are deactivated by various means.


* Presence costs have been set up for DungeonMaker building. A reference and guide link has been added to the DungeonMaker page and various bugs have been fixed with the process.


* The look of the website has changed in order to fix better contrasting colors, navigation bars, and header displays for the sake of accessibility and screenreaders. This is still a work in progress and if anyone using a screenreader (or struggling with visibility in any way) comes across a difficulty, please let us know.


* You can now gain reputation for job-related errands found using the WORK command, and the NPCs that generate from these jobs may be capable of answering questions using ASK.


* There is now a FAINT command, and a FALL command.
* PC jobs can be found at the Jumana Bimaristan.
* Another type of scented item has been added: essential oils. These can be USEd similar to perfumes, but they have other uses as well. If utilized effectively with the MASSAGE command, some essential oils can have different effects.