* You can now set a diagnosing difficulty when using the AFFLICT command to make custom afflictions. You can also link a list of existing mechanical symptoms to make your character suffer! Muhahaha.... okay.
* Learning conditions have been added for stealth and street smarts.
* Whispering will no longer draw VNPC attention and break stealth -- in fact, hidden emotes will never draw environmental VNPC attention while stealthed. Roleplay to your heart's content while hiding.


* Some contrast issues have been fixed in the DungeonMaker, and levels have been mostly finalized, though perhaps with a few remaining unfound bugs.
* There is a new instruction log on the Gameplay Logs (for admin privileges only) regarding sending plot notes.
* Your plot notes, if long enough, should now not spam you all at once anymore -- but allow you to use 'more' to see further.
* You can now LOG PLOTNOTE (number) in order to log plot notes individually-and-specifically to be added to story arcs.


* Switched webclient to "evelite", a new Evennia option developed by InspectorCaracal, rather than the goldenlayout version. This new version is more customizable and simple in terms of providing a uniform experience for users. Customization is also still a work in progress!


* Up-and-down levels can now be added in the DungeonMaker. This is still a work in progress.


* You can now make Spawner types of objects with the DungeonMaker. These will generate NPCs into the "dungeon" area until they are deactivated by various means.


* Presence costs have been set up for DungeonMaker building. A reference and guide link has been added to the DungeonMaker page and various bugs have been fixed with the process.


* The look of the website has changed in order to fix better contrasting colors, navigation bars, and header displays for the sake of accessibility and screenreaders. This is still a work in progress and if anyone using a screenreader (or struggling with visibility in any way) comes across a difficulty, please let us know.


* You can now gain reputation for job-related errands found using the WORK command, and the NPCs that generate from these jobs may be capable of answering questions using ASK.


* There is now a FAINT command, and a FALL command.
* PC jobs can be found at the Jumana Bimaristan.
* Another type of scented item has been added: essential oils. These can be USEd similar to perfumes, but they have other uses as well. If utilized effectively with the MASSAGE command, some essential oils can have different effects.


* You can now GET THING ON BENCH if you need to, rather than only having the GET THING FROM BENCH syntax.
* A bug with combat has been fixed where you could slash with a stick if you were wielding a sword in the other hand.


* Removed all persistent delays as they were causing database instability issues.
* You should no longer have extra trouble understanding your own spoken language in a language you don't understand -- what you see will be what fluent speakers see when you speak in a language that you're not fully fluent in.
* Added safety tools, including xcards and a retcon system that will work on room history and player character story logs. Check HELP SAFETY TOOLS for more information.


* You can now add an interior narration (thoughts and feelings) to a cutscene, without having any text in your main post.
* You can now use parenthesis with ACCEPT and REFUSE commands, though there are some caveats (read HELP ACCEPT for more information).


* Ropes can now be properly used to bind other characters. The STRUGGLE command can help you extricate yourself -- eventually. A new passive ability, secret-escape, has been added to the sleight of hand skill. This will allow someone who is tied up to sneakily untie themselves.
* You can no longer "block" attacks barehanded, unless you have some martial arts ability, or the attacks are also unarmed.
* It is possible to poison weapons and projectiles now. While weapons can hold multiple layers of poison, projectiles can only fit one at a time on the tip.
* Projectiles no longer constantly bounce off targets.


* Shady Arts as a skill now has its own special abilities and help file.
* Character Presence level can now act as a means of unlocking special abilities. (Such as potentially griefy criminal abilities that we'd like to make sure stay in the hands of thoughtful roleplayers.)


* Cutscenes now have a 'skip to last post' button if they have more than three posts.
* Lazyleaf poison can now be refined through herbalism.


* OOCMail sent for plot notes should now come with a timestamp.
* If you've already seen a dream, you won't see it again next time you log in.
* If you are offline for 12 hours within a day, you will gain a small stat boost. The time it lasts will scale by how long you've been offline. (This is to incentivize game-life balance and work against dark patterns of addiction for players who are addictively inclined.)
* People in the Faded Zone or the Otherland will no longer age.


* You can no longer enter character creation menus on a session that is logged into a character.
* Lifts now exist. You can ring the bell to signal the lift operator. While it is possible to jump down (either onto a lift if it is below you, or down to the bottom of the lift shaft) it is not advisable and can lead to some serious harm.
* Fixed a bug with using pronouns while emoting.
* Using the POUR command now shows different messages than the FILL command.
* We now have a feature that recognizes playtesters, and should post automatically twice a month while awarding Presence to the top five playtesters. All past bugs, ideas, and typo reports have been incorporated to make sure to reward pre-alpha playtesters accordingly.


* The story page for characters now paginates relationships, logs, and dreams if they exceed a certain number of objects.


* You can now add forum posts to story developments (in-character fiction, rumors, and the like -- topics made on the roleplay-relevant boards).
* When editing or adding new story developments, logs and relationships and everything will be paginated if necessary and also ordered by most recent first. This should help make story developments smoother and easier for players.


* Another caravanserai has been built out in Omrazir -- the "Sign of the Simurgh", in the southeastern part of the city, is a cheaper and more derelict option for poorer travelers.
* You must now be holding either the new container or the source countainer in order to fill a container (ex: you're either carrying the glass, or the pitcher of lemonade).
* It is now possible to beget twins (fraternal or identical) -- or even triplets (very rare), and midwifery abilities have been added along with a bevy of labor complications.
* Raspberries can now be foraged in forests in Ruvera and the Kalentoi Empire.