* Post office bug with sending letters to NPCs fixed.
* Cook job roll increased at the Seaglass Inn, and public added to more rooms that should be in public.


* Chests and wardrobes have been added to craftable furniture. Accordingly, it's now possible to make furniture with lids and capacities. Chests, wardrobes, and some other furnishing will be available at the Salter & Sons store in St Loomis. A couple very evasive bugs with carpentry have been finally squashed.


* When using GO, it will default to what is necessary for you regarding movement types of limp, hobble, or crawl.
* Manipulating a door (knocking, opening, closing, etc) now requires you to be positioned at that exit vicinity.
* HELP LODGING and HELP GO have been updated with more documentation regarding how to visit other people's lodgings.
* You can now go to a lodging as 'my room' even if you are a roommate only, and not the primary lodger, and someone can 'go to <blah>'s room' even if blah is a just a roommate, too.
* Esteem collection should run reliably on the second of the month.
* The story collection should work properly only on a character's highest-invested story now, and it should be reliably scheduled for in-game 'evening' on the first day of each month.
* A lot of things would get sneaky zeros in them, hopefully this won't be happening at all anymore (at least not for new items).
* People's names will no longer show when inquiring about their reputation in an area. A couple glitches with eavesdropping and fixed.
* If you don't know a language at all, it is now possible to learn it by exposure (though it's slow). It should have been possible previously, but was prevented due to a bug which is now fixed.


* The smithing, leatherworking, and tailoring abilities of repair, patch, and mend have been added, respectively.
* The 'touchup' ability has been added to the painting skill, to allow for adding happy little trees on top of accidental art mistakes.
* When publishing performances, you can now put the following tags in for the sake of personalizing a performance without making it impossible for another person to repeat: <eyecolor>, <haircolor>, <skincolor>, <voicetype>, <they>, <them>, <their>, <theirs>. (More information in HELP PERFORM).
* Fixed the issue with lit hearths sometimes looking like they're dark.
* The way auto-queries work when sending mail to NPCs has been fixed, as it wasn't working right.
* A glitch has been fixed where postal workers were abandoning their tasks when they couldn't initially find the recipient. Some other small tweaks have been made to the postal system, which will hopefully make it more streamlined and reliable.


* You can no longer label folded paper.
* It should now be possible to look at swift-flee abilities without causing tracebacks.
* You can now make snowballs without a cup, using the MAKE SNOWBALL command. Some tweaks to the THROW command should make it easier to throw snow at each other.
* After fleeing from a fight, you will have at least a full sixty seconds before NPC enemies will go aggro on you again.
* You can no longer flee a fight while grappling with your opponent.
* Animals with timid behavior will no longer attempt to intercept anyone fleeing from them in a fight. Messaging regarding fleeing multiple hostile opponents, or no hostility, is clearer now.
* Engraving chisels and chasing hammers are for sale at the tinker's.
* There is now a jewelry shop at the eastern side of Tolland Place.
* Decorated objects (like, an etched plank) will no longer merge with a stack of other normie planks.
* Snuffing a mistlight is now similarly speshul to lighting it.
* It's now also possible to etch things on trees, and etching/engraving can be unlocked through carpentry/leatherworking/jewelcrafting/stoneworking/glassworking as well as smithing (to make designs on wooden, stone, glass, or leather objects).


* The ENGRAVE and ETCH abilities have been finished, along with EMBROIDER in tailoring.
* Mist lantern lighting is more special now, as it should have been all along, and the lantern lighter requires a pole to reach them.
* There are now bedrolls and blankets for sale at the outfitter's shop in St Loomis.


* It's now possible to mix different-colored paints with the PALETTE ability.
* The INFLICT command now works with more specific wound types, rather than cutting and blunt.
* If there is no writing on a page, it should still allow you to READ it so you can get hinted to LOOK at it if there's a drawing.
* The way that materials show when used in artwork has been polished slightly, though this will only take effect with newly-made artworks.
* The new LABEL ability has been added, allowing PCs with 1 presence level and some skill in either painting or education to be able to label paper and change its sdesc.
* The GRAFFITI ability has been finished.
* Two new painting abilities added, SCRATCH and CALLIGRAPH. (For more info, new help file: HELP PAINT.)
* Paint, palettes, and brushes are now for sale at the stationer's shop, along with scribing cases (empty ones, you have to buy supplies separately).


* The TIME printout includes a more specific indication of the hourly time.
* Fixed a bug with washing from the last bit of water in a container.
* VNPCs talking for rumors should no longer speak in None Nones, but in a local accent.
* A bug fixed with wagering at the brawling club (house gains were not increasing with VNPC wagering, but now they should be doing so properly).
* Brawling club rankings have been repaired (the current champ had a glitch with having one buggy fight in their history counted more than 17800 times).
* The non-functional painting abilities of SKETCH and PAINT have been finished and are now functional. There is a new HELP PAINT file, but it's still a work-in-progress.
* Starting a written work with double asterisks should turn it into a little bit of descriptive text that does not necessitate linguistic proficiency to see while reading.
* The DIP ability has been edited to work with paintbrushes and palettes, as well as quills and ink.


* It should be possible now to clean off washable decorations on objects (like graffiti, as long as it's done in a washable way).
* Fixed a bug with slapping caught fish.
* Workers will now have their pay docked for 3 months rather than immediately being terminated for failing at a job dice check.
* A consciousness check will now trigger a 1-minute warning before someone actually loses consciousness, and bouts of unconsciousness will allow someone to return to awareness much sooner afterward (5 minutes, as long as they're not afflicted by a coma).


* Fixed some job-payment glitches.
* If you try to build a fire and there's already a fire in the room, now you'll just build your firewood into that hearth or firepit rather than set up a new campfire.
* You can no longer teach yourself languages, nor inanimate objects.


* Broken bones should now properly display how long ago they were broken, when diagnosed.
* Dead creatures can no longer be coaxed to sip medicine or water, and no longer cause conflict regarding approaches.
* After confirming that you seed a rumor, your rumor-to-be-seeded will be cleared.
* 'Light firewood' and 'light bundle' now function as aliases to try to build a campfire, to try to help that be more intuitive -- and, once you build a campfire, you automatically try to light it.
* You can now target your foraging more specifically, past the category. Previously you could FIND PLANT, but now you can FIND CARROT PLANT
* You can now forage for grubs in most places. Some more forageable items have been added to special locations.
* The 'foraging-awareness' ability has been added to level 2 foraging, which will allow foragers to see all that might be forageable in an area.
* A new HELP FORAGING file has been added.


* Bundling firewood can now either take 10 twigs, 2 sticks, or 1 branch.
* Jobs should now pay out on the 12th and 25th each month, and the time cycle has been refactored somewhat in the hope of this... actually working properly.
* No more traceback when looking at the tracks of something that has been killed.
* You can no longer check tracks without roundtime, or without being awake.
* New arena characters, as the old ones were glitching out due to some unpatched changes.
* Fuel amounts for lightable objects shouldn't go below zero anymore, and should display properly.
* The year on the website front page has been updated according to the long-ago time rollback.
* It should now be possible to read in-game help files while not logged into a character.
* The slaughterhouse in St Loomis will now only buy venison, beef, mutton, and chicken.
* There is now a cultivated variety of garden carrot, which means that planting carrot seeds should work!
* ARRANGE should work again now.


* Foxes have been made smaller. They were 200-500 pounds?!?!?! D: (Thanks for this report pof Maha.)
* Added boots, ankle boots, tudor, hooded greatcloak, and bonnet to tailor patterns. (Also fixed that 'patchwork furs' traceback that some people saw when ordering custom designs, and a generic description for 'tudor' has been added now.)


* Fixed a reputation-fading problem.
* Some issues with environment settings and exits have been fixed around the docks and lighthouse area of St Loomis (you might notice if you move around there a lot, people were 'appearing with flashes' and weird stuff. Please report if you notice anything like that anywhere!)
* New tailoring passive ability: leather-sewing. This allows tailors to sew garments that require leather.
* A new facet of complexity added to cooking in order to deal with the conflict between an item's name and the flavor it grants to a dish. New ingredients should now render better-worded dishes (and if not, go ahead and bug report)! For example, cooking bread from barley flour should give you barley bread instead of 'rounded nuttiness bread', while the taste of it might still be rounded nuttiness.
* When you cook something, you should be handling it now rather than it being on the floor.


* HELP CURRENCY has been added, and HELP CHORES is now categorized properly under 'crafts'.
* Some changes made to the appearance and value of tanned pelts.


* Couriers should now leave their vicinities when they go back to their posts.
* You can buy and sell bundled firewood at a woodcutter's hutch outside St Loomis to the north.
* There's a new blacksmith NPC, and an ore warehouse near the docks on St Loomis's main street -- it's not well stocked yet, but more to come.
* IMOTE is now a workable command for interior emotes, functioning much like using a slash before and after the interior narration, but allowing you to tag things. (Also, some bugs in using tags in interior narrations are cleared up.)
* Auto-running glitches have been fixed.


* Tweaks to illness: cold aftereffect and recovery fixed for pneumonia, recovery phase much shorter now (48 hours).
* No environments in St Loomis should be considered 'City of Omrazir' locations anymore. '
* Pottery shop purchases fixed!
* Some more wares are available at the outfitter's store in St Loomis, as well as some leather materials for sale at the tanning yards.
* Fixed a bug with falling when climbing in rooms with multiple possible fall directions.
* Fixed an issue with gradual weather messages.
* NPCs should now stop fighting if they have no available moves to do.


* Room rental fees will no longer be snatched from your bank account as well as paid physically, but you can arrange for the rent payment to happen automatically from your bank every month if you wish, by going to your lodging clerk and using RENT PAY AUTO.
* There's now an economic limit to the amount someone can make gambling at a fighting pit at a time. (The house has winnings that increase with every fight, and can't cover more than what they own.)
* You should now be able to make wagers on fighters with names like 'crimson' and 'dragon'.
* There are beechnuts at the foraging stall and a new potter's shop at the intersection of Cross and Silver Streets in St Loomis.


* Fixed some ferry timing.
* Couriers should do a better job at delivering items to people directly now, including NPCs.
* If you send an NPC a letter or a verbal courier message, an automatic query is put into the system.


* Newly-made garments should now be 'garments' for the purposes of selling at tailors' shops.
* Couriers hopefully delivering things properly to inn rooms now.
* Bread should now be bread (at least, freshly-baked versions).
* The STOP command now takes a possible custom emote when used in a fight.
* Some more tweaks to NPC fighting intelligence, hopefully keeping brawlers in a fighting pit from trying to call the law on their opponents if they get hit first, and also hopefully allowing them to yield.
* Charcoal made through herbalism should now stack with better wording.
* Time-offset bug should be fixed for gossip now.
* Soft things will no longer cause damage when dropped on your feet, including other brawlers.
* If you are 'recovering from illness', you can no longer contact another cold on top of that.
* The starting cook's kit now includes tongs and a saucecup.
* Tables at Keely's now codedly exist.
* Thoroughly 'cleansed' the current roster of pitfighters, and hopefully now none of them will throw any pitfight-clogging errors.