* Some secret stuff fixed, but part of this is that stealthed characters no longer show on the map.


* Fixing an issue with custom tailoring patterns...fixed!
* Ghost crow removed from graveyard.
* The Loomis Loom sells scrap cloth and the pawn shop has old generic clothes.
* Twisty alleyways in St Loomis now don't allow line of sight.
* If you're diagnosing yourself, it no longer sends an emote. Diagnosis emotes are now 'detail' emotes that work like tmotes and aren't noticed unless someone is ALERT.
* Diagnosis output now shows numeric level of broken bones and wound damage. (Less vague, more transparent, hopefully still allows immersion.)


* Fixed poll displays, hopefully.
* Mustard seeds and black pepper are now properly considered to be spices, thanks to pof Rawiya.
* Fixed some tracebacks caused by the new ALERT functionality.
* Being thrown from a horse should work properly now.
* If your horse is moving at a walk or a trot, they will not continue moving on their own -- you only need to HALT if it's an amble, canter, or gallup.
* If you lose your horse while riding, you won't be stuck unable to move in anyway -- the error message will just dismount you.
* Sleeping will make you fall off a horse.


* Receptacles are now required to be empty for making recipes.
* There is now a minimum amount of language that is learned from hearing or speaking an unknown language.
* Quitepose is an alias for quietpose.
* The fighting ring's bookie will only take wagers for about 1 minute after a challenge is accepted.
* You should no longer get rewarded double presence for hosting events.
* You no longer end up carrying a freshly-bought animal.
* Getting trampled by an animal is less instantly-deadly.
* It's no longer possible to break bones in your stomach or mouth or throat or other body parts that don't make sense to break bones in. Eventually, heavy blunt injuries in those places will come with their own complications.


* Mistwood sticks are not longer mistwoodwood sticks. Found Ruveran oak sticks now have an 'a' in the sdesc.
* Arena characters can no longer leave COMMENTs.
* You can't ACCUSE yourself.
* Scars should not be made of 'mostly-healed' wound versions anymore, but would harken back to the original description of the wound.


* Esteeming/voting points should now regenerate properly, and also esteeming someone will give you a Presence point once daily.
* Logs should no longer start blank sometimes while off-time. Further, generic unsaved log titles now also include the in-game time.
* Dreams, visions, and hallucinations should show up more obviously.
* Shipwrecks no longer tranquilly glide on.
* The inactivity measurement for inactive characters in the demographic collection has been fixed. Further, inactive characters no longer get ticked for updates, so that might improve on some lag.
* More different-dyed cloth available at the Loomis Loom.
* Dungeonmaker comments will now properly show up in the Admin Task view!


* Dogs are loadable, thanks to pof Firouzeh!
* It's now possible to do socials in a fight, but contact socials will cost roundtime as usual.
* Bolting causes you to try to flee if you're in a fight.
* You can no longer 'fix' unbroken or undamaged objects.
* You will now see your percentage of progress in a language when checking LANGUAGES.
* ALERT has been added as a command, to go along with ATTENTION and ATTENTION HERE: by default, 'detail' actions such as scanning in a direction or turning a page are not noticed by others, unless they are ALERT. This alertness costs nothing to upkeep and does not need to be periodically renewed. It's basically a spam-cutting option, but an IC one, like ATTENTION. Feel free to bug any system emotes that you think should be considered a 'detail' and aren't being hidden when non-alert. Further, many of the quieter system emotes have been changed to TMOTEs.
* Arena characters roll in speaking a language now.
* Bugs with changing DEMEANOR have been fixed.


* Fight clubs should now work even if they aren't generating new NPCs.
* Beaks are now harvestable from birds, and eyeballs from most types of animals.
* Innate skills when checking SKILLS will be indicated with an asterisk rather than color if screenreader mode is enabled. In web chargen, innate skills will show up with asterisks too, either way.
* Slightly changed score output to hopefully fix formatting issues in the webclient.
* Departing a vicinity will now also properly move anyone who is carried by you from that vicinity.
* Mid-place will now properly set for boats and anything else that is a vicinity itself positioned at another vicinity.


* Mops can now dry areas (DRY HERE) whether or not they are damp themselves.
* Fatigue when rowing has been decreased 50%.
* Bound NPCs will no longer be absorbed back into VNPC groups. VNPC groups will no longer generate new NPCs if they have more than 20 NPCs in their field.


* A new line is automatically added to the prompt for anyone with screenreader mode enabled, thanks for this tip, Spauso!


* It's possible for admin to put multiple NPCs in a cutscene now.


* Phase info and entry location have been updated.
* OOCMail inboxes and sentboxes are now paginated. We need an indexing tool for mail at some point and maybe ways to save or delete mail, but for now this was causing the website to crash when I opened my inbox several times, so the pagination was a rushed fix.
* Pay for jobs should always add a rounded integer to a bank-account now. Although the dates overlapping on other details for a message has also been fixed on these pages.
* Being intercepted by multiple hostiles while attempting to flee should work without a traceback now.
* Fish should no longer act like they're drowning when they're not.
* VNPC clubs are allowed to be a little more spammy now, especially fight clubs, which are allowed to be more spammy than the rest.


* A new area has been built out and added to the St Loomis map: Lookout Rock.
* A few small typos in coded messaging fixed.


* NPC clubs won't be quite as spammy anymore.
* Several of the dockside water rooms are described now, thanks to pof Ighlaf!
* If you throw rotten edibles at criminals in the stocks, your foreigner reputation mod will slightly decrease. If you don't have a foreigner reputation mod in the area, you will become known as more of a 'local'. This activity will also lower the 'criminal' reputation.
* 'Neckchest' is no longer a possible body part that gets randomly picked as a thrown-object target.
* Actually committing crimes in public and being recognized while doing so will increase your criminal reputation.
* Being seen in visiting sordid neighborhoods or establishments will very slowly increase criminal reputation if you're not disguised.
* 'Criminal' reputation will no longer increase for fencing items in a location where items are fenced. Attempting to fence items in other locations, though, will increase criminal reputation.
* You can now peer through 'peerable' doors again (like fence gates, for example).
* Guards will no longer constantly loop accusations against someone who has committed a crime.
* It is easier to knock down someone with a tackle. Guards will also not constantly loop tackling while trying to arrest someone anymore.


* The STAGE DISTRACTION ability has been added in conjunction with ROB.
* Fixed OOCMail bug where you can't send new mail to SNPCs (and then the bug where you can't send new mail at all, of course).
* Fixed postal office issue of finding new workers when all other workers were on tasks.
* The ROB ability has been added to general abilities. Anyone can at least attempt to rob a shop. This is definitely a crime though.
* There is a fisherman overlooking boats at the docks, who might also be selling boats sometimes.


* Capitalizing 'Emote' when doing an action with a custom emote should still work.
* Bugs with sewing patterns fixed; now possible to sew vests and slippers.
* Bertelmann Bros Outfitters now has a large pair of saddlebags in stock.
* Beeswax is now available at the hostel commissary in Plew.
* The fencing value of items in containers has been fixed according to how much is in the container as well as the going-market-rate of the contents and the price of the container itself. Further, the price that would-be buyers might be willing to pay is adapted depending on your skill roll for the ability. If your price is rejected, you will have a small message giving you an idea of how much you probably could've gotten instead.


* Easy sending of OOCMail added to the admin task panel for addressing stories.
* Some sekrit magic stuff added.


* The staff task panel for addressing stories has been set up with more immediate options for addressing stories, such as a way to quickly send plot notes and/or dreams for story-requests.
* There is a button to invest presence into a story from the website.
* Submitting, OOC-commenting, and requesting can also be done on story arcs through the website.
* AFK people should now still be disconnected even when there is no attached session (someone has closed the window).
* You can now see your story's position in the queue when you view the story, either in-game or on the website.


* There is no more automatic story collection.
* Story-timed xp-earning will now roll over extra time, up to a limit of 30 days. So you can still get XP for doing a bunch of story updates in a row, if you hadn't done some for a few weeks.
* Opportunities (such as to re-describe oneself, personality, background, items, etc) will now be added at a character's birthday, rather than reset.
* You can now submit stories every 90 days and story request every 15. Story requesting has a flat presence cost, like querying an NPC, but can work when your story really just needs a brief little nudge and not a larger push from staff.
* Presence invested is only taken off a story when it is addressed, and investing presence can immediately change your submitted story's position in the queue.
* You can make OOC comments on individual developments within a story.
* The STORY SUBMIT, STORY COMMENT, and STORY REQUEST commands are available in-game and documented in HELP STORY.


* You can no longer see any tells while asleep or unconscious.
* Tells in speech should now give a proper error message rather than a traceback.
* Tells in emotes should now be easier to use around tagging people.
* Custom emotes should work with the CONTACT command again.
* LOOKUP now works with numbers for hours (ex: LOOKUP 18 or LOOKUP 1PM).
* You can now begin tellmotes with /me or other self-references.