Inaya Oluwadyemi

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Salawi
  • Age: 47
  • Eye color: rich copper
  • Hair color: coal black
  • Skin color: ebony
  • Size: 78in / 270lb


This woman's sheer bulk is her most defining characteristic, imposingly tall and heavily muscled, with a massive, looming presence. She is plainly of Salawi descent, her skin a deep black that reflects light with a blue cast, though it's marred in many places by scars both intentional and otherwise. She has a square face, with wide cheekbones, a defined jaw, and thick, expressive eyebrows, the right one cut in two by a scar. A broad nose matches full lips, though the left nostril bears a prominent notch in its outer edge, and an old scar splits her lip below it. She looks to be in her middle years, with a few sparse grey hairs visible upon close inspection, and hints of crows' feet that show about her striking copper-coloured eyes when she smiles.