Sitra Tahan

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Amunati
  • Age: 20
  • Eye color: smoky topaz
  • Hair color: glossy black
  • Skin color: tawny
  • Size: 69in / 136lb


This young woman stands with an elegant stature, her tall height further accentuated by a slender, feminine build, and the golden tawny color of her sun-burnished skin adds a radiant warmth to her appearance. Her most striking feature, perhaps, is her thick and tousled hair, which flows like a glossy black cascade, reaching down to the graceful curve of her waist. The play of light on the dark strands creates a shimmering effect, emphasizing the great attention put into its care. Her face, softly-rounded and adorned with a delicately-arched nose, has a youthful vibrancy and smoky topaz eyes set beneath strong, black brows. Framed by dense lashes that enhance their intensity, her gaze carries a dreamy quality. A touch of dark kohl skillfully applied artfully accentuates the contours of her eyes.