Jiraya Galura

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Salawi
  • Age: 24
  • Eye color: murky brown
  • Hair color: pitch black
  • Skin color: rusted bronze
  • Size: 69in / 160lb


Currents of Salawi blood have eroded such features on a sunsoaked complexion of rusted bronze. This tall woman looks like she's seen a little over twenty springtides, most of them spent steeped in saltwater. The evidence is in the broadness of her shoulders, her long limbs, and those powerful legs -- practically a streamlined vessel for cutting through waves. Perhaps more obviously, it's in the ruddiness of her skin or the uneven patches of bleached hair atop her poofy globe of kinky, black curls. The rest of her story is charted upon an inverted triangle, her face home to thick brows that shadow the brown of her eyes, dark like the murky deeps. A mirthfully pert nose perches above full lips, every now and then baring a glimpse of pearly whites with the tips peculiarly filed to sharp points.