Imani Aziza

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Sirdabi
  • Age: 19
  • Eye color: hazel
  • Hair color: red-tinted brunette
  • Skin color: bistre
  • Size: 59in / 74lb


This young woman, hailing from Sirdabi descent, stands at a medium height with a slender, almost delicate build. Her skin is a rich bistre hue, adding to her striking appearance. Her eyes are hazel and almost sparkling, catching available light easily. Framing her face is a mane of slightly frizzy, red-tinted brunette hair. Her features are both distinctive and endearing, with dimpled cheeks that hint at a ready smile and ears that protrude slightly. A dainty nose sits evenly between her expressive eyes. Her lips are full and inviting, adding a softness to her otherwise angular features.