• Origin: Ruvera
  • Heritage: Ilexian
  • Age: 59
  • Eye color: sapphire
  • Hair color: gray-blonde
  • Skin color: almost-ashen pale
  • Size: 60in / 250lb


Pale skin covers saggy cheeks on this woman with a tendency towards jovial smiles and chuckles. Ruddy knuckles show the signs of hard work with her hands, and that dumpling-like stature isn't all fat, but bustling muscle as well. Sparkling blue eyes are most usually seen glittering with mischief despite any and all drudgery, and her graying blonde hair is gathered back into a frayed bun.

Public Background

Raised as the daughter of the couple who built the Seaglass Inn at St Loomis, Donna Seaglass is the current innkeeper. She has two sons, one lost to the sea, and the other living a fisherman's life down near the St Loomis dockyard with a wife and two young children. Her daughter has left for Imbryck, but everyone in St Loomis knows that Donna is hoping for her daughter to return and take over work at the inn. The picture of bubbly religiosity, Donna is at church every morning on the Lord's Day.